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Umbilical cord cyst at 8 weeks

I had my first US today to date the pregnancy. I was already terrified because I had a MMC in September that was found at a 9 week US. Today they found 2 cysts on the cord. Dr says not to worry yet (haha) because many resolve themselves by 12 weeks, but those that don't have a 30-50% chance of severe chromosomal abnormalities such as downs syndrome, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18. Anyone experience an umbilical cyst? I'm trying not to lose it, but not knowing is terrifying.

Re: Umbilical cord cyst at 8 weeks

  • Hello, I know this post is from several months ago but I cannot find a single other person that has found multiple cysts on the umbilical cord around 8 weeks. Do you mind sharing how your pregnancy turned out? Did they resolve by 12 weeks? I'm in the same situation and very nervous. I won't have another US done until 12 weeks. Please share how everything turned out, good or bad.  Thank you.
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