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Gluten intolerant/ possible celiac

i went to the doctor for constant nausea did lots of blood work. They said looks like i have Gluten intolerance and i have a doctor appointment with a GI doctor to have a biopsy to find out more. I have been TTC for 8 months now my husband had a vasovasectomy 2 months prior to TTC he went monday for a sperm count to see if his surgery worked. AF is suppose to come today but as of now nothing which AF usually starts with first pee of the day. As far as i know i have not had a miscarriage but I like to wait a couple days past when AF is due before testing and only been as late as 1 day so never tested. My GI appt is late april so i have to continue eating gluten until after that. Everything i have read about gluten intolerance after a GF diet it takes a year to before a BFP. Does anyone have any experience with this can anyone put my mind at ease?

Re: Gluten intolerant/ possible celiac

  • My mom has celiac, and was not diagnosed until after she had all 5 of my siblings and me! 
    (She did have symptoms, but the doctors had not thought to test her yet.) 
    Hope all goes well for you! 
  • My mom has celiac and was diagnosed long after having my brother and I.

    can you just stop eating gluten now and forgo the formal testing? If your sumptoms cease with the elimination of gluten, why bother with the formal test?

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  • Don’t stop don’t stop eating gluten until after
    your tests they won’t be conclusive or may be false negative. I have celiacs but not formally diagnosed because I refuse to eat it again to be tested. 
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    I have celiac. I stopped eating gluten three months before my test but didn't pay attention to cross contamination. They still said I was "textbook celiac." Get the test, it's so worth it to know for sure. Plus if you have another issue, the only way to find out might be to rule out celiac disease. 
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