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Middle Name Too Weird?

I was thinking about possibly giving my 2nd son the middle name Chestan....Chester after my grandpa and Stan after my dad. My 1st has my husband’s name (which is also his dad’s name). What do you think of Chestan....like it or nope?

Re: Middle Name Too Weird?

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    Don’t love it and am not a fan of smoosh names but it’s middle who cares?

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  • Why not just give 2 middle names. Chestan sounds like a decongestant chest rub. I don’t like it.
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  • It's odd. Agree with pp that it sounds more like a product or medical problem than a person's name.
  • Maybe use both and give him 2 MNs? Not sure if that would flow with the FN you picked since you didn't post that. But it lets you use both names without creating a new ones. 
  • No I’d pick Chester or Stanley 
  • Eh. I think you can get away with it since it’s a middle. It doesn’t sound like a really name, but more like a surname, and now that people have pointed it out, I can totally imagine it as a product. I would use one or the other, and maybe you will get a chance to use the other name in the future. I personally like Stanley. 
  • I'm not a huge fan, but like others have said you can get away with more in the middle name slot. If you really want to honor both grandpa and dad, go for it. Not everyone has to love the choice to realize it has meaning. Personally I would choose one or the other but that's just what I would do.
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  • I would use two middle names instead of smashing together.. they just don't flow and I'm not personally a fan of Chestan..
  • I don’t like smoosh names so Chestan is a no from me. I think Chester would be very nice in the mn spot (I actually love the nn Chet for Chester, but understand it isn’t very wearable in the fb spot right now.)

    Is Chester Stan’s father? In that case can you use their ln (your maiden name) to honor them both? My sons have family surnames as mns. 
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