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Schedule help

would love to know your schedule for a 7 month old who is on solids.  Especially with naps and what not! Thanks!

Re: Schedule help

  • Hey it would be easier to tag you if you changed your name.  Also because we have no idea who you are.  But to answer your question here's a semi normal day for my LO
    Wake up 530 (because we leave the house at 6) - BF get dressed and head out the door.
    Morning nap (maybe) around 630-7 and its normally short 30ish min
    830 BF or bottle if at daycare
    1130 BF or bottle if at daycare
    12-2 nap
    230 BF or bottle if at daycare 
    530 BF
    630 dinner with the family so she has some solids.  
    Daycare feeds her small things like toast, crackers, etc if the other kids are eating because she is the smallest (she's 7 months the other kids are 1 yr+) and is interested in their eating habits but not fully eating solids yet.
    We're doing BLW but not trying too hard because we're EBF so...there's that.
    Also since we've all had kids this board is pretty dead so you might not get a lot of responses!  
  • I feed my LO a bottle at 8am. He’ll usually takes his first nap around 10:30am and will wake at 11am. That’s when I feed him rice cereal, fruit and a bottle. His next nap is around 2pm and wakes at 4pm. He just has a bottle when he wakes. Then he’ll eat his “dinner” at 7pm (rice cereal, veggies and bottle) and his last bottle is at 9pm. 
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