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Sibset help! (b/g twins)

Thought we had decided on names, but I keep thinking about how much I love our second choices, too! Their older brother is Malachi, and we want to stick with biblical first names. 

Sibset help! (b/g twins) 34 votes

Elisheba (g) & Jericho (b)
26% 9 votes
Zipporah (g) & Jericho (b)
50% 17 votes
Elisheba (g) & Issachar (b)
11% 4 votes
Zipporah (g) & Issachar (b)
11% 4 votes

Re: Sibset help! (b/g twins)

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  • Love Biblical names. I really like it, can't get my DH on board with Zipporah. I'm not a huge fan of your boy choices, but I voted for Zipporah and Jericho.


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  • These are pretty out there for my style but I voted Elisheba and Jericho.  If they want to go by something simpler there’s always nicknames of Elise/Ellie and Jerry!
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    They're a bit out there for my style, but I agree with pp that Elisheba and Jericho have better nn options.

    Suggesting Ezekiel, Elisha, Jeremiah, Judah, Samson, Gideon, or Isaiah for boy. Tabitha, Adalia, Joanna, Eliana, Selah, Keziah, or Seraphina for girl.
  • I love Zipporah. A good friend from high school has a Zipporah and it fits her so nicely and my cousin is Jericho but goes by Jerry, so I choose those two. 

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  • I just can’t pick any of them. There are plenty of biblical names that aren’t as “out there” as these and more recognizable and easier to pronounce/spell. I suggest maybe considering one of those, only because I doubt anyone will be able to pronounce these or spell the correctly on the first guess. Your kids will forever be spelling their names for others and correcting pronunciation. 
  • So I’m not at all religious so maybe I’m just clueless here but if you want a biblical name these seem like really bizarre choices?

    Biblical would not be what I thought of upon hearing them 

  • I also could not vote for any of the names. I’m not a Christian scholar by any means, but I hadn’t heard of any of these names other than Jericho, which was a city that was destroyed. I believe Elisabeth/Elizabeth is the more common name for Elisheba.  

    Adding: Miriam, Lydia, Naomi, Rebecca, Ruth, Tabitha, Silas, Felix, Joel, Hiram, Paul, Seth
  • I can't vote sorry.

    Ezekiel, Jeremiah,  Ezra, Jonah, Jacob, Joel, Judah,  Levi

    Elizabeth, Leah, Miriam, Ruth, Rebekah, Adah, Hannah, Naomi
  • Thanks for all the input! I know that these are more quirky and "out there" (part of the appeal). I totally understand that they aren't everyone's cup of tea and that they don't pass everyone's name test; but, getting outsider perspective on things like this is crucial when making such important decisions.
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    These are pretty left field compared to Malachi. Are you basing these names off of favorite bible heros? How did you choose those names? If they’re important to you, go for it but they just seem really random and don’t really go with Malachi IMO.

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  • Kezia is a great girl's name as well that fits your style!
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