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Health and Fitness Check In 8.18

How’s it going out there this week? 

What activities is everyone doing? Any modifications? 

Getting in healthy stuff?

Re: Health and Fitness Check In 8.18

  • I hadn’t worked out all week because life kicked my ass. Today I did my first Peloton ride though and holy shit now I want one! 

    I also haven’t been eating enough this week because of stress... but I’m getting an appetite back so I’m sure that’ll change soon! 

    Hope everyone else had a better and healthier week!
  • We’ve been in the middle of a kitchen remodel (our kitchen is smack in the middle of our house, so added fun!) and getting ready to go back to school, so lots of time put in at school. Not much exercise happening, but I did make myself run yesterday! Hopefully once the kitchen is done and I get back into a routine with work, I’ll be more consistent with exercise. 

    My good news though is when I do make time for a run, I’m still completely able to do (almost) the same as prepregnancy! Hoping to keep up for a while still, and my biggest fear is not being able to pick back up if I drop off, so knowing I can still get my speed and distance in makes me feel a little better. 
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  • Still trying to get in 3-4 works out a week (running or orange theory). Frustrated that every time I do orange theory lately I end up hurting my back. I must be using bad form without realizing it or something! Ugh! happy though to have most of my normal energy and stamina though! 
  • Still running 40+ mpw and trying to get at least 2 days of weights in a week.  Maybe this will be the week I go to pilates or yoga... 
    Has anyone tried prenatal yoga, classes or digital and have any pros/cons or recommendations?
  • I’m interested in prenatal yoga. I’ve never done regular yoga though so I have no clue where to start!  I didn’t even think to look online?

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  • @ohsunnydays prenatal yoga is probably more in line with a beginner's yoga class so I wouldn't worry about not having experience! Just don't stretch beyond your comfort zone. I REALLY want to add in a yoga class at least once a week just for the amazing stretch.
  • This week was hard because we had really poor and dangerous air quality that prohibited outdoor activities. I run and do water aerobics! So I wasn’t able to do either of those like I love this week, and I think the air in general is making me feel sick. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around much longer ! (It’s from all the forest fires :(
    i am not that into yoga but I am desperate and might do a prenatal class this week. 
  • bhoubhou
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    This has been a tough one for me, previous to being pregnant i was working out every morning for about 2 hours and losing weight rapidly, i was halfway to a goal and had lost 60 lbs, for the last two months i've had  a very hard time with diet/excercise and have seen the scale jump massively (I've gained 15 lbs and i'm 15 weeks, mentally this is a tough one as I had worked so hard to lose weight) - in the last week, i've been able to get back to a healthier diet(less nausea, less need to snack constantly to stop the nausea) AND my energy is back and i'm able to work out in the mornings, I do 25 mins on my elliptical and a half an hour prenatal workout using "Babyfit by Amy" youtube videos! She's awesome, and I used her regular bodyfit by amy workouts before I become pregnant! If anyone is looking for great workout videos to do at home, I highly suggest you check them out! 
  • @bhou congrats on the massive weight loss that is impressive. Try not to beat yourself up or be discouraged by the weight gain. First trimester is brutal and now that part is over you can have the normal energy and do your workouts. It’s really hard the first three months with diet and exercise I can totally relate. I am so impressed with you and thanks for the recommendation for the baby workout! I am going to check it out. Bisous! 
  • I'm finally feeling close to normal with less nausea and more energy. Hoping to get to the gym today after work for the first time in three months.  :# As an attempt to motivate myself, I've purchased the Aaptiv app, which has workouts geared specifically toward pregnant women, week by week of pregnancy. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

    @ohsunnydays This website has free yoga videos, and a few prenatal/postnatal ones. I've tried some of their regular yoga videos and really enjoy them. I'm really inflexible, and the instructors usually give tips on how to adapt poses to a beginner level if they do anything that's more difficult.
  • @hannahbananas11 thank you so much!! I am excited to try it out. You also reminded me that I have the Aaptiv app. I used it when TTC but haven't tried any of the pregnancy ones yet. Woo hoo! Two new things to try! Thank you so much!

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    4.18 diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility
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  • @ohsunnydays That's awesome! I've listened to two of the Aaptive prenatal workouts while driving home to see if it was something I'd want to subscribe to, and it was really good! They focus on different types of exercises and movements depending on what week you're at in pregnancy. Seems really well-researched! Have fun with it!
  • I'm with ya'll where I'm finally feeling back to normal! I've had a couple workouts in- really sore from not doing anything for awhile. But I had gained 8 pounds in the 1st tri and it's not at all what I wanted to do. If anyones interested I subscribed to beach body on demand and it has a ton of workouts- you can pick where your at physically and even has pre and post natal workouts.  It's my fav.  I love running so today hopefully I can run for the 1st time in forever (we shall see how that goes). 
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