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Thoughts on Andromeda

Andromeda for a girl. Sibling is Felicity.
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Thoughts on Andromeda 67 votes

Yes! Love it!
7% 5 votes
Ugh, no!
73% 49 votes
I like it, but doesn't match Felicity as a sibling.
19% 13 votes

Re: Thoughts on Andromeda

  • kmvisiolikmvisioli member
    edited August 2018
    Sounds a little too science fiction for me...names that kind of get you a similar sound or similar nn options: Audra, Adele, Andrea, Malia, Mira, Dahlia, Meredith, Delilah, Natasha, Dorothy, Ramona
  • I’m a fan of mythological names but I don’t feel Andromeda goes well with Felicity. Other names in the same realm:

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  • It’s very out of place with Felicity

  • Diana also would give you that mythological feel but fits better with Felicity
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