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PGAL check-in


This is a check in/support thread for those of us who are experiencing pregnancy after a loss (miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, stillbirth, child loss, to name a few). 

Feel free to post about how you're feeling, appointment updates, general raves and rants, whatever. We haven't had one in a while, but as labor and delivery get closer, the upcoming events can sometimes feel more uncertain or cause more anxiety for those of us with a loss history. If you haven't posted in here before, that's fine! Just jump in at any time.

Reminder: there is a general loss trigger warning on this entire thread.

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Re: PGAL check-in

  • Hi all! I don't know if anyone is feeling the need to chat about PGAL stuff, but since it's been so long since I posted a check-in I wanted to make sure we have it available.

    Personally, I'm not feeling too anxious about loss, but I think my experiences of being on the "wrong" side of the stats multiple times makes me a little more anxious about other things, if that makes sense. It's not overwhelming, but I get worried about the chances of hemorrhaging, or the baby having the same bleeding deficiency I have but somehow more severe, or some of the more general what-ifs of some unknown problem showing up right after she's born. "Chances are" only means so much to me at this point, you know?

    2/13 Blighted ovum, D&C -- 6/13 MC -- 8/14 DD born -- 3/17 MC;
    Expecting another rainbow! EDD 9/2/18
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    I know what you mean @treeofcheem. I find myself researching the stats on various things that could go wrong. I've tried to stop thinking about those things and it seems to help. 
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  • I don't usually "out" myself as a loss mom, but now that things are serious, I know there are risks to delivery, and I know I've fallen into the 1-3% or even the freak 1 in a million stats before, and it does scare me sometimes. Thankful for providers I trust that have plans in place for emergencies. 
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  • @pourmeamocktail Same here, I don’t much mention my previous losses, but I fell into the 1/20 two consecutive loss club before, and it took me a long time to be ok with being pregnant with a rainbow baby and to even believe this pregnancy would be successful. 

    Last pregnancy, I got scared into rushing an induction (IMO) because all it took was someone mentioning “stillbirth risk” from being overdue one time. I’m hoping to be much calmer this time and let my body do its thing. 
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