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The Great Facebook Debate


Re: The Great Facebook Debate

  • I’m ok with whatever to start moving over! And hang out here to wait for the rest of the babies! 

  • And846And846
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    Woohoo to all the progress to get this going. And echoing others, thanks @lindsayleigh1989
    for owning this operation! 
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  • @nimmle For your sake I hope it is soon too! 
  • Sent my name to @zombiehoohaa as a fellow Californian lol
  • Also sent my name to @zombiehoohaa. Really hoping I did this correctly and didn't post my info publicly somewhere :o
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  • Sent my name to @lindsayleigh1989, hopefully correctly!
  • millpemillpe
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    @lindsayleigh1989 I sent you my Facebook link!
    Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
    TTC December 2016
    BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
    MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
    BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
    TTC January 2019
    BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19
  • @acunamatada sending to you! 
  • Wait, how do we find our FB link? #technologicallychallenged 
  • zombiehoohaazombiehoohaa
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    edited July 2018
    @zande2016 If using mobile, go to your actual profile page, select the "..." or "more", then select "copy profile link" (I may be off on wording). 

    ETA: If using browser, go to your actual FB profile page and copy the url and send to one of us. 

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  • @lindsayleigh1989 I sent you my name! I don’t know if I qualify for the first “add” but hopefully I do for the second round! 

    Kylie M.

    Baby #1 Born 12.16.2015

    Baby #2 Due 7.13.2018

  • @zombiehoohaa found it thanks! I sent it to you 
  • So I THINK if you just send us your email address (that you use for fb) we could add you that way- if anyone’s uncomfortable with strangers friend requesting you! 
  • nimmlenimmle
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    @lindsayleigh1989 Sending over my link :)
    Me: 30 |  DH: 34
    Started Dating: November 2011
    Married: August 2015
    TTC #1 Since: August 2017
    BFP: November 2017

  • @zande2016 I sent you a response. :smile:

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  • @lindsayleigh1989 can you tell me if you got the PM from me? I can’t tell if it went through or not. My app is all screwed up. 
  • @ashbub714 yup sent you a reply ;) 
  • And846And846
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    @lindsayleigh1989 i sent you my link 
  • @zombiehoohaa from one west coast girl to another, sent you my link. 
  • Yay thank you to all the admins! @lindsayleigh1989 I sent you a message with my link and my name :)
  • run along Pond...2015/12/10

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  • @lindsayleigh1989 I think I sent you mine correctly! 

    Thanks for for all the admins!
  • Sent mine to @lindsayleigh1989

    sorry I disappeared in the middle when I got laid off. Hopefully I can still join!
  • I am still thinking...maybe I will wait for round 2 before making a decision.  :# 

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
  • Sent you my info @lindsayleigh1989!
    Married 9/19/09
    Me (32) Dx PCOS, DH (32) SA = Normal/mild morph issues
    TTC#5 July 2017 - 3rd cycle TTC = BFP on 11/12/17 at 9dpo Beta #1 = 96 at 13dpo - Beta #2 = 207 at 15dpo
    TTC#1  starting Nov. 2009
    3 rounds of Clomid + TI and 3 rounds of 7.5 mg Femara + IUI before our BFP on 11/8/10 at 12dpiui
    TTC #2 3rd cycle of Femara 7.5mg+Ovidrel+TI = 4 follies = BFP on 10/12/12 
    TTC#3 July 2014 - Metformin +TI = BFP at 9dpo - Twins, one baby lost at 5.5 weeks 
    Macy Annabelle born at 37w4d on 4/29/15.  Diagnosed with Cri du Chat and passed away on 6/6/15.  Forever in our hearts.
    TTC#4 3rd cycle of Metformin + Femara 7.5mg+Ovidrel+TI = 3 follies = BFP on 12/24/16
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  • I am just now catching up but I sent my info to @lindsayleigh1989
  • Think I sent a PM to @acunamatada, though it kept refreshing over and over. Gotta love this app (not).
  • Why doesn’t the bump tell you that you have a new message?! Ugh.  Wasn’t ignoring you @lindsayleigh1989 lol
  • Thanks for taking the lead on this.I had to refresh several times so sorry if you get the message twice.
  • @lindsayleigh1989, I sent you a PM. Thanks for being an admin!
  • It was lovely bumping with you all! I wish you all the best with your babies — have decided to not follow to fb. ❤️
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    Me: 27 │DH: 29
    Married: 7/16/2016
    BFP #1 11/12/2017
  • Question: 

    Did we make a final decision as to when we are moving to Facebook? 

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  • I think we decided to wait until all babies were born. Are all babies born now?
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