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Wanting feedback for middle name

I hate that it's become more popular, but the hubs and I are stuck on Nora for bb #4 (our second girl). It's what we continue to come back to, so I'm going to get over its popularity! However, I am struggling w/ middle names. I would like for her to have a middle name that can possibly be a double first name (like Annie Beth, etc.) in case she does run into popularity issues (No joke, my class had a Sarah A. B., C., D., G, etc. I strongly disliked it).

I like Nora Louisa (Nora Lou) and Nora Josephine (Nora Jo), but hubby has nixed both of those due to some associations he has with them. I'm not a fan of Nora Mae or Nora Beth. Seems like a filler, and those names don't have great meanings (also important to us). Any other suggestions?!

Other middle names on the docket are Nora Claire, Nora Joy (too boring?), and Nora Charlotte (although, I don't think this could work as a double first name). 

Any feedback or more suggestions are SUPER welcome. Thank you!
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Re: Wanting feedback for middle name

  • Nora Louisa is nice I think Nora Lou is super cute! You or DH are going to have associations with almost every name suggestion thrown out there unfortunately. Why not just use Lou if that's what you'd call her? It's short and sweet and not Louisa
  • I love Nora and I really dont think the popularity will be as much of an issue as you think. 

    I love Nora Louise, not so much Louisa because of the double a sound at the end. Nora Lou is adorable. 

    Nora Jane
    Nora Katherine/Kate
    Nora Beatrice/Bea
    Nora Belle
    Nora Jade
    Nora Grace

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  • you could also try Nora Louise or Nora Lucille if you like the sounds of Nora Lou but don't want to use Louisa. 
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    I like Nora Lou as a nn! I have been teaching preschool (midwest region) for a decade and have not had even one Nora/Norah....perhaps it is not as popular as you think? I also prefer Louise or Lucille to Louisa

  • Good to hear that maybe it's not as popular as I think. Thoughts on Nora Lucy as well to get the "Nora Lou" sound? We LOVE Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia, so that's where that's coming from :)
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  • There’s also Louelle and Louella. My favorite would be Louise or Louelle. I tend to dislike the flow of both first and middle name ending with an A. 
  • I only know 1 Nora, she is 4 and we live in a really big town !!  

    I love it with Louise and Jane ! 
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  • I love Louella. Couldn't get hubby to do it for a first name, but maybe a middle!
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  • I like Nora Lucy!

    Other ideas that I think could work for you:
    Nora June
    Nora Faye
    Nora Kate
    Nora Paige
    Nora Shay
    Nora Grace
    Nora Hope
    Nora Maeve
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  • I like Nora Joy and previous suggestions of Lucy or Louise to get Nora Lou.
    I also like Nora Josephine but if your husband is not on board maybe you could get Nora Jo using Jocelyn or Joanne.

    Nora Faye
    Nora Belle
    Nora June
    Nora Leigh
    Nora Beatrice “Nora Bea”

  • I like a stronger sound in the second name to balance out sweet, soft Nora. My picks would be:

    Nora Katherine, nn Nora Kate
    Nora Catherine, nn Nora Cate
    Nora Claire. 
  • Nora Rae
    Nora Leigh
    Nora Anne
    Nora Wren
  • Nora Lucille /Nora Lu
    Nora Fern
    Nora Ruth
    Nora Joan

    i think Nora Claire from you selections is very nice. 
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  • I’m adding Nora Suzanne (Nora Sue) to the list of suggestions.
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