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Nervous to Announce Pregnancy

Other than my significant other and my pregnant bestfriend no one knows about my pregnancy. I am 23 years old and just had a miscarriage in Dec the pregnancy only lasted 5 weeks two days but I didn’t naturally miscarry until 11 weeks one week after I found out the pregnancy wasn’t viable. I can’t imagine telling people I’m pregnant again just to have to break the news I’m not pregnant anymore. I am 12 weeks 3 days today I go in for my NT scan Friday and hopefully this ultrasound will give me the courage to finally tell my family.  The young mom thing is also a bit discouraging. Any kind words or similar stories would be helpful. 

Re: Nervous to Announce Pregnancy

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  • nackienackie member
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    If you aren’t comfortable telling people yet, you can absolutely wait. I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant till until I was showing enough that i couldn’t hid it anymore. The first time that was around 14 weeks. 
    I hope your NT scan goes well
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  • I waited until I was almost 15 weeks along to announce. Nothing wrong with taking your time. Personally, I am not one that usually cares what people think. This is your life and having a baby at a young age is your choice and you will be the one dealing with it so try not to care too much about people's opinions about it. 
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  • Hi there .I agree with the others as well .it's all up to you .I too started miscarrying in december at 7 weeks (didn't grow past 5 weeks) and It went on until week 11. I just started announcing this one now at 14 weeks .  I was fully prepared not to tell anyone for an even longer time but it just so happened that I finally felt comfortable and safe about it. So when you're ready to tell, you'll know. 
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  • This is baby #5 for us. However we suffered a miscarriage in August of 2016. I'm currently 35 weeks and didnt tell anyone until I was 28 weeks pregnant. My SIL and sister guessed when I was 20ish weeks but didnt tell anyone. 
  • Same here. Had a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks, found out at 14 weeks. Now pregnant again, and scared to announce. We are 16 weeks tomorrow and are slowly letting the news out. 
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