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Any mom out there fasting?

I realize this board has been inactive for quite some time now, but i'll give it a try. 
Im from Montreal, Canada and fasting Ramadhan. Wondering if any other expecting moms are also fasting... If so, how is your month going so far? ❤️

Re: Any mom out there fasting?

  • As Salam Alikum sister
    i wasn't able to fast when pregnant due to all the different health issues I face 
  • Waalikoum salam @aiche Umm Ayoub. I was lucky to be able to fast. No issue whatsoever all month long, el hamdoulilah . I only skipped a day, the one where i had my glucose challenge test. Baby ilyes is now 2 weeks old, and very healthy el hamdoulilah ❤️
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  • bb2510bb2510 member
    Assalamu alaikum. :-) Ramadan mubarak! I personally opted not to fast, because I get weak pretty easily and have low-grade nausea often now that I'm 7 weeks along so I have to eat and drink little things often. For women who find themselves physically able to fast, more power to you. :-) I hope it's going well insha'Allah.

  • Waalikoum salam @bb2510. Well you are given the option to opt out of fasting so no need to feel bad mama  i did fast last year while i was pregnant, and  this year while breastfeeding again. It was easy for me el hamdoulilah. 
    Eid mubarak said to you ! :smile:
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