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  • Cards are dumb.  The only time I give them are for like weddings... and maybe showers.  But in general I don't bother wasting the $ on them.  Oh... my grandpa's birthday is the ONLY one I do a card for, but that's cause I know he saves everyone of his cards and looks are them on a regular basis.  I once sent him a what happened in 1927 book "card" for his birthday and wrote him a note in it.  He still talks about it (I sent him it like 10 years ago) :D 

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  • I freaking love cards! To me it's the best part of the gift! There's nothing like a sincere message written in a card <3 I have a shoebox that i keep my favourites in...

    I think my love of cards comes from my grandmother. She never missed an opportunity to send a card or hand written letter. I miss that woman...
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  • I like receiving cards when they're meaningful. My mom is the best card-writer ever and I feel so special getting cards from her! MIL sends cards to DD for every holiday, but she only ever just signs them "Love, Grandma" with no other message besides that, and I always think it's a little odd. But I think it's definitely her "love language" even though she doesn't seem to put thought into writing a nice message. I don't usually like giving cards unless I find one that's perfect for someone. Even simple cards are so expensive now, and it feels like a waste sometimes. 
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