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  • @offtoneverland I don’t know if I could do it because I would be so preoccupied with whether the baby would start crying, wake up, etc. DH is currently worried that baby will kick during sex and weird him out so I can’t imagine he would be in to it either, lol. 
  • @lachnessmomster I deleted my FB years and years ago and haven’t looked back. I have no clue how it works anymore but when/if our group moves over I’ll seriously consider creating an account. 

    @offtoneverland Hard no to sex with baby in the room. It’s hard enough for me to be in the mood without that distraction! And of course no offense ever to anyone who does, but it feels a little perverted to me. Separation of church and state over here  :D
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  • @offtoneverland DD was in our room for four and a half months (when I was pregnant I swore she would be out at 6 weeks, lol) so yeah we did it with her there. We were benched for the first two months, and I had very litte libido after that so I doubt it happened more than a couple of times. She was so small it definitely didnt bother me, lack of interest and total exhaustion were much bigger barriers to sex.

    Some people do it with their kids in the actual bed and that is where I draw the line!!!  

  • When we first brought DD home, we were in a one bedroom apartment. There was really no were else to go, so it happened. It just wasn't anything crazy. I don't remember being weirded out now but who knows! You'll be surprised by the stuff you forget about!
  • @offtoneverland We did. DS was in a pack n play at the end of the bed until he was 8 months old. I never thought about it before he was born and found that I really didn't care lol He was asleep, so no big deal.
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  • Hard HELL NO to sex with baby in the room! And #1 was in our room 4 months, #2 for 8 months. Just move the baby out of the room or go to a different room. That’s so weird to me! 

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  • DS slept in our room until he was 9 months old. We DTD while he was sleeping in the room... What if he started crying and just needed his paci put back in? Much easier to do if he's close by than in another room (shrugs).
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    @lifesabeach85 I remember reading about a controversial story awhile ago where a woman said she (some instagram blogger or something) and her boyfriend/fiancée had sex while she was breast feeding the baby. I was totally appalled. 
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  • @offtoneverland Yes, we've had sex with baby asleep in their pack n play in the room while on vacation, but now that we have two kids, and our oldest is NOT a baby by any means, it will likely never happen again! If it's at our house with the newest baby in the room, then I don't see an issue with it. Our dogs are always in the room with us...mainly because they start barking if we kick them out....lol. That will wake up the kids more than anything! 

    My FFFC is that I've felt like running away for the past month....just up and leaving. Not like in a permanent way I don't think, but none the less away from everything and everyone. That's partly why I haven't been around. I needed to get my crap together. I love my family, but it's been causing me to feel so much guilt for wanting to run away...
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  • @josie12367 I understand that feeling completely. When ds was in the NICU I would think about leaving/disappearing. It was because I just felt so much stress. I hope you find a way to start feeling better and don't feel bad about the guilt! Taking care of yourself is extra important right now.
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  • @josie12367 I would have fantasies about running away when DD was an infant and I was really overwhelmed. Don’t feel guilty, life gets hard sometimes. I hope you feel more on top of things! 

  • @josie12367 *hugs* I hope it starts getting better soon girly!  I think it's pretty natural when we feel overwhelmed/stressed to think "it's be so much easier if...".  I agree, don't feel guilty unless you're actually making plans to act on those thoughts ;)  Could you maybe schedule some time for yourself w/o your LOs?  Maybe go get a prenatal massage or take some "you" time?

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