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2nd Trimester

How does one deal with back pain.

I did my laundry yesterday and I ha e had horrible back pain since then. :'( 


  • Stretching, icing, Tylenol (talk to your doctor first), chiropractor, massage 
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  • Complaining to MH about it :joy: but really, everything PP said. I'll also do a warm bath and that can help some. But, my chiropractor was my best friend during my last pregnancy, and he's on the way to holding that title again for this one!
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  • nackienackie member
    Prenatal yoga and the chiropractor are the only things keeping me upright these days. 
  • I go to the gym 3x a week to work on my back and core strength. I'm fused from T5 to L1 so back pain is daily life for me.
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