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Hospital — Hackensack or Holy Name?

I will be having a scheduled C-section (due to a prior medical issue) this fall. My OB (Dr. Mann) can do this at either Hackensack or Holy Name. Which do you recommend?  My understanding is that both have free private rooms. What has your experience been at these hospitals?  I anticipate being there for 4 days and nights. Thank you!

Re: Hospital — Hackensack or Holy Name?

  • I love holy name and am having my 3rd baby there in June. The staff is great , food is good and it does not have that huge feel Hackensack has. I just find Hackensack so overwhelming for myself and guest.
  • I prefer Hackensack - I think your best bet would be to take a tour of each and see where you feel most comfortable 
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  • emmaelliesohfiaemmaelliesohfia Just Joined
    Hi, I actually had a very bad experience with a miscarriage at Hackensack, so I don’t know about birth. Bur this had me change to Holy Name where I’m already liking much better. Think they seemed less stressed, more compassionate and knowledgeable just from my experience with these prenatal visits.

    Best of luck! Baby due in Sept here :)
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