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formal wear?

Any ideas or labels for maternity formal wear?? I will attending a wedding at 18 weeks!

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Re: formal wear?

  • Try a consignment shop-you can often find nice formal maternity clothes in those stores, and they will be almost new!  A Pea in the Pod is nice but WAY too expensive.  Sometimes you can find nice stuff in the clearance section on the website.  Good luck!
  • I got a really cute dress from Mimi Maternity to wear to a wedding when I was 35 weeks pregnant. At 18 weeks you might even be able to fit into a normal dress with an empire waist or something like that. I don't think I was really showing until like 28 weeks or so, everyone is different though :)
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  • Mimi Maternity. You can find at Macy's. But you might not need a full-fledge maternity dress then, maybe just something with a high waste or stretchy or in a bigger size.
  • Thanks ladies, i have no idea how big ill be then i guess- i thot you just start showing out of the first tri lol... i guess well see! now thinking about it im sure i can shop at a regular store, go up a size if needed!
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