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Holding urine- 2.5 years

DD is 2.5 and she seems ready for potty training in every way, but she seems like she is afraid to release the pee on the potty.
Any advice?

Re: Holding urine- 2.5 years

  • My DS is almost 3 and we have been potty training for 3 weeks now.  He was not all interested in sitting on potty let alone pee or poop on it.  We did no pants and just tried to catch it and then would tell him it goes in the potty.  After a few hours we were able to get him to sit and pee and within a day and half he was going on own.   Pooping we are still working on but realized he needed more privacy so we put potty back in bathroom and we shall see.  I used the “Oh Crap potty training” book 
  • nackienackie member
    Are you using a little potty or trying to get her to sit on the regular toilet?  My DS is about 2.5 and had no interest in the potty chair, but is obsessed with doing the things mommy and daddy do, so after letting him watch us go potty for a few weeks he was totally into sitting on the toilet like a big boy. We got a little seat that goes on the toilet to make the hole small enough for him not to fall in and used the oh crap potty training method when we were ready to start. 
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