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  • @SweetSweetTooth
    I had 6 pictures on one page that I made for my birth with DS. It was great, easy to see and not a lot to read. I only did the VitK shot b/c of Circ. What do you have on there that takes 2 pages?!

    DS 12/15/13

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  • edited June 2018
    @Laumb11 way too much lol low light light, low noise, no internal checks, no pitocin, no iv, no offer of pain meds - of wanted we will tell the nurses, be allowed to move during labor, labor in shower /tub, intermittent monitoring with doppler, no episiotomy, no water breaking or membrane stripping, delayed cord clamping, no hep b, no eye goop, dh would like to catch (because most babies don't actually need to be delivered) if in a good position, so Dr hands off but as backup to catch. Skin to skin for at least an hour, exclusive breast feeding - and waiting to make sure the uterus contracts with BF before using pitocin to cause contractions. Circumcision choices (still not agreeing but haven't really deeply talked about it yet). Should an intervention be needed our preferred method(s). Should c-section be needed our requests with it (dh present, skin to skin, delay cord clamping if possible, me conscious, BF right away). Since we are not the typical hospital birth I want the clear on our wishes. And obviously this is our ideal and our wishes for what to do/how to let us make decisions if not life threatening. If life threatening, obviously they won't use the plan and they know that. I also have it worded much nicer than a big list of all 'no ....' 
    I will be going over with my midwife to confirm what requests of mine are normal procedure and therefore don't need to be on the plan :) and so we are on the same page well before the birth and work though anything that needs compromise.
    If you are still reading great job! This is why I want to cut down the length lol so easy to zone out. I didn't realize I would be this crunchy, but lol here I am! 

    Edit spelling (I am sure I missed more!) 

  • Something else the eye goop comment made me remember. If you choose not to do baby’s first bath in the hospital, they may put a giant “dirty” sticker on baby’s little crib. And nurses will handle them with gloves. Just a warning since some people get shocked/offened by their baby being labeled “dirty”. Our birth class instructor warned us just so no one would be surprised. 
  • @tinattt23 thanks for that info! Never heard that! We plan to do a bath at the hospital just not for the first few hours. Let all that good stuff stay on baby and let them chill longer with dh and I before anything happens. 

  • @SweetSweetTooth I don’t think we did our first bath for like a week.  :# I didn’t really intend to wait that long. Figured we’d do it when we got home but then it was crazy town. Luckily he wasn’t really a goopy baby. 
  • @jennybean80 Can I deliver at your hospital? You guys sound like you have awesome standard procedures. Even our “baby friendly” hospital isn’t that cool. 
  • @tinattt23 Lol! Sure, come on up! We have our Baby Friendly Initiative designation (first in our Province) and are really working hard to keep up those standards :blush:
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  •  and waiting to make sure the uterus contracts with BF before using pitocin to cause contractions.
    That's why I love reading these.  I didn't even think this was an option.  I didn't get pitocin before birth but its almost immediate after birth.

    I like the idea of delaying bath but boy my boys have been extra gooey.....eeeek.  They usually wait until after nursing and skin to skin for over an hour but still.  You're still in a state of shock and tiredness after that whole ordeal.  I just want to relax, cannot think about options.  Just have it in writing for nurses, doula, DH whoever is wondering at the time.

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  • I had not even thought about some of these things.  The birth plans I have seen/heard about mostly focus on the labor experience before baby is pushed out.  

    Also- @Laumb11- I love the graphics card. 
  • I’d put no pitocin after birth on my birth plan. But then they told me I was bleeding too much and needed it and it was just like ok, can’t really argue with you on that one. They actually had to move on to a second drug because I was still bleeding, so I was glad I had the IV placed even though it wasn’t used. 
  • Finally contacted my doula I used with DS. I found her through a doula agency. Since I went to her directly this time, I save $300 in agency fee. Woohoo! 
  • The worst part about the ENTIRE L&D was them "massaging" my abdomen to get the placenta to release.  Delivering the placenta was worse than the baby!!  I hear it only gets worse after every delivery, definitely worse with #2 than #1 - so yeah, not looking forward to that part.
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  • @Laumb11 the graphics you made are awesome. I really like that as a quick way to show the most important preferences.
  • FTM dumb question... do you pay for a doula out of pocket or does insurance cover it?
  • @rabtaido1214 Out of pocket. I’ve heard rumor of a few stories of people who have managed to get some of the cost reimbursed by insurance. But very unlikely. 
  • @tropical1982 I didn't realize the uterine massage was a thing until I saw a youtube video last night about "things they dont tell you before giving birth" and the lady said it was excruciating. Is that what they give the pitocin for too or is that something separate? I had no idea the pitocin post-delivery was a thing either. I feel so clueless as a FTM! And now I'm scared haha 
  • The uterine massage actually wasn't that bad for me, personally. It was uncomfortable but not painful. The worst part of my recovery was the back pain after my epidural. It wasn't excruciating or anything but it was the hardest thing to deal with. I also didn't have much trouble with the first postpartum poop that everyone talks about haha.

    I worked on my birth plan for hours last night but it turns out the hospital I'm going to deliver at is the only certified baby-friendly hospital in my state so some of the stuff that's on there doesn't need to be because it's already policy. Our friend and roommate works at the hospital and is getting us in with the midwives there. 
  • @jellybelly114 I didn’t think the uterine massage was that bad. It wasn’t fun by any means, but not excruciating. But they do it pretty regularly. Like every hour at first. Then a few times a day. If I remember correctly it to help the uterus shrink back down to size quicker so bleeding stops quicker. 

    Pitocin after birth is to help the uterus cramp down to stop the bleeding after the placenta is a delivered. In a “normal” birth, the body would do that on its own so there is no need for pitocin. But excess bleeding is common enough that some hospitals will give pitocin routinely just in case. But you can always ask that they wait and only give if needed (if that’s what you want). That’s what was on my plan, but I did end up needing it (and other meds). We’ll see what happens this time. 
  • Breast feeding even if you plan to bottle feed later helps the uterus contract after birth.

  • We check the top of the uterus to make sure it’s staying contracted after delivery. If it’s not it can fill up with blood, which then make it harder to contract down causing more bleeding. If it isn’t firm, we “massage” it to get blood and clots out. It is not a nice massage. 
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  • Did anyone include completing the breast crawl on their birth plan?  
  • @mytrueloves I considered it but ended up deciding the “fight” with staff wasn’t worth it. Their policy is that baby goes right into mom anyways, so that was close enough for me. But if it’s something you really want, I’d for sure put it in there (and probably discuss beforehand) and have partner/doula/whoever remind the docs in the moment. 
  • @tinattt23 I'm surprised the staff would fight it if their policy was already to put baby directly on mom!
  • @mytrueloves what is that? Guessing I know it by a different name... Maybe  

  • @mytrueloves I don’t know if they really would have or not. I got some push back on delayed cord clamping and kind of just picked my battles. DS also pooped all over my stomach when they first put him on my so they kind of had to move him up higher to clean us both up. Haha. 
  • @SweetSweetTooth placing the newborn belly-to-belly on mom after birth will result in the baby seeking out the breast by crawling and bobbing their head until they find the nipple and self-latch.
  • I've mostly lurked this thread for thoughts and ideas, but haven't added my thoughts.

    Planning a hospital birth with an OB. I have almsot decided to use a doula. I found out a girl I did community theater with in HS is a doula and her price is reasonable. In talking with her, it sounds like we align on what id be looking for. I hadn't really considered one until talking to you ladies.

    Placenta will be medical waste, but I think itd be cool to see.

    I'm not sure that I will go 100% med free. I don't want an epidural unless needed. However, I might consider some IV drugs. I want to learn more.

    The options around here for the Bradley course are kind of limited, which is why I'm leaning toward a doula.
  • @mytrueloves ok that is what I was thinking but hadn't heard a name for it! Crazy how mobile they actually can be after birth! :) I have seen some videos (FTM so no experience) and it is so cool to watch! 

  • @SweetSweetTooth And then people are shocked when newborns fall of the bed/couch/changing table. They’re way stronger than we give them credit for! 
  • Finished my birth plan today. Had DF check it over since it's more for him than anyone else. Thought I'd share it here:

  • Can someone provide info on the eye ointment?
  • @sammierose464 the eye ointment is an antibiotic (usually erythromycin) and is specifically to prevent eye infections associated with STIs (chlamydia and ghonorrhea mostly). The are techincally a legal requirement here. 
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  • The eye ointment is just an antibiotic ointment. It's not going to hurt the baby to get it or anything but I personally don't think it's necessary.
  • Also regarding the eye ointment. It blurs their already not so great vision and they are looking at you and your partner and bonding. So why mess with that extra bonding? (my opinion) 

  • I'm hoping to pass on the eye ointment as well. They do a full STI test as part of the early pregnancy blood work, so unless a person has reason to think they may have been exposed, so long as the tests were negative, it seems incredibly unnecessary.
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