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This forum is for moms who had a cerclage due to Cervical Insufficiency. Let us share in your journey, I am a twin mom who just had a cerclage so I can keep my babies in for the longest. Please share your experience. All questions are welcomed.


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    would you mind sharing more of your backstory? did you automatically get a cerclage for twins, or was there a specific event that led to it?
  • @highsteaks, I got pregnant in june 2017 and lost my little Angel (a girl) at 21weeks in october. My 20week ultrasound showed that I was 3cm dilated and the MFM said I had no cervix to stitch but the were going to place me on bed rest in the hospital. I was on bed rest for a week before contraction/ labor started. I was given Epidural for my pains before I pushed the fetus out. I held my little Angel for 2hrs before she stopped breathing. I went into depression after that because my DH and I had been trying to have a child for 3yrs but things happened the way it did. Fast forward to now, I got pregnant 4months later and found out that they are twins, because of my previous history of cervical incompetence, I was a candidate for a cerclage. Sorry for the long epistle. 
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    I know that I have the chance of getting one. I had my son at 29 weeks and have been told that a cerclage is a possibility with this  one. For now, I'll be having bi-weekly cervical measurements via ultrasound. I'm interested in hearing about others experience with the procedure. 
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  • @multiplesmum thank you for sharing your difficult story. i am deeply sorry for the loss of your first child. if you don’t mind, i will silently follow this thread to keep up with how everyone is doing. i wish you the best.
  • Hi Ladies- I was just told that during my 14 week ultrasound that my uterus was having minor contractions.  I'm already on a very high dose of progesterone (from IVF) and my Dr just told me to continue taking it.

    How did you find out you had Cervical Insufficiency?  Was is due to previous loss? 
  • @middleschoolmommy, I think your Dr's are doing the right thing. They only are the ones that would determine if you need a cerclage.
  • @preggersabroad, my experience was that I had a previous 2nd trimester loss due to CI, this automatically made me a candidate for a cerclage for subsequent pregnancies but I will also be taking progesterone shots to add to that. So please check with your Dr just to be sure if you need a cerclage or not.
  • @preggersabroad - are you receiving additional monitoring as well to make sure the contractions stop/your cervical length doesn't change? 
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  • @multiplesmum - thank you for your advice and I'm really sorry about your previous loss.  Congrats on the twins!

    @mockingjay1 - As I'm receiving care in the Philippines I'm a little on my own.  After doing a ton of google research I decided to go today to measure my cervix.  The downside is I'm so not a doctor so I'm basically just driving myself crazy. I dont trust the doctors here, and I'm not sure if they would catch a CI as they are really hard to diagnose (according to google). 

    Apparently I've been having cramping/contractions since week 4 (which doesnt feel like cramping, just an achy/full uterus) which im told is cramping/contractions.  Both OBs I see are telling me to stay on bed rest and continue the oral, suppository and shots of progesterone.

    I'm currently trying to find a doctor in the states willing to treat me long distance- but i dont think i've ever felt so mentally unstable! I'm going crazy! 
  • Hello everyone, it's a beautiful new month. I hope you all doing great and your babies are kicking?
  • Hello ladies, I have a question for anyone who has had a cerclage done, HOW DID YOU SURVIVE PELVIC REST WITHOUT SEX AFTER CERCLAGE? Honest answers please and no insults. Thanks 
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    No cerclage here (hopefully), but I thought you ladies would be knowledgeable. I have a heart shaped uterus with a history of preterm labor and shortening cervix. Last pregnancy it was pretty closely monitored as they were going back and forth about a possible cerclage. Ended up not getting/needing it.
    Having my first cervical length scan with this pregnancy tomorrow, and my 1st concern is obviously that my cervix hasn't begun to shorten already again. I've had some fairly strong contractions and the braxton hicks are beginning as they usually do at this point, so that's my main worry. 
    I was also wondering if any of you ladies found out gender at any of your cervical length scans?  I was thinking that's how we found out with #2, but cant remember. 
    Also what is a safe length at almost 16 weeks?
  • @100dollhairs, I think the knowledge about the perfect cervical length for your pregnancy at 16weeks should be a question for your doctor and I haven't found out the gender of my twins yet, but good luck with everything though.
  • At 14 weeks I had a cerclage put in to keep baby in. I'm now 17 weeks. Last week I had very heavy bleeding and they told me it was just scabbing from the stitches. It lasted maybe 5 days and stopped. Since having the cervlage done I've also been cramping a lot, which my dr said was pretty normal. When does the cramping usually stop? I feel like I'm not allowed to do anything and am just so terrified of having another premature baby. My son was born at 29 weeks which is why I had the cerclage done. I'm due November 21st with a baby girl. And seriously no sex? Lord help us the next few months lol (it's totally worth it to keep our babies safe)
  • @mrssnyder83 are you also taking progesterone shots? My son was also born at 29 weeks. My OB decided to do bi-weekly cervical measurements along with progesterone shots to see if I can avoid having a cerclage. 
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  • Not yet. I'm supposed to start taking them at my next appointment. None of the medications helped when I was pregnant with my son which is why he just went ahead and did the cerclage 
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    So I went to my MFM yesterday and they told me that my cervix was measuring 1.14 but my stitch is holding up pretty good. They advised that I be on bed rest but I'm freaking out since I'm just 18weeks pregnant with twins. Has any of you been in this same situation and what did you do differently?
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