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Nursing cover

Hi. I'm due in October. Any recommendations on nursing covers? Last baby I had the Petunia cover that folds into a pouch. I wasn't a fan. Thanks in advance.  

Re: Nursing cover

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing member
    edited May 2018
    A big one. I like ones that are super wide. I didn't really adjust my wardrobe post baby, which means I'm usually nursing with my shirt pulled up, so I need something wide so it covers both my boob and the other side where my shirt is pulling up.

     I registered for this one, but didn't get it. I ended up sewing my own (if you're a sewer at all, it's crazy easy), and I'm glad I did because that one linked above isn't even wide by my definition, haha. Mine is 50" wide and 32" tall. I could even go wider. I've considered sewing a separate panel that I could snap in so I'm covered 360 degrees sometimes. My shirt is usually pulled up across my back, so I try to always nurse with my back against something so my bare back isn't exposed. Sometimes, that's not possible so it'd be nice to be covered all the way around.
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