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2nd Trimester Check-in w/o May 21st

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How far along?
Appts this coming week?
How're you feeling this week?
GTKY:  What is everyone doing as far as showers / sprinkles?  Who is hosting?  Are you having multiple showers? Etc.

Don't forget HDBD on Wednesday... ❤
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Re: 2nd Trimester Check-in w/o May 21st

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  • @Dragonfly6191 So glad you and the babies are okay but I can imagine that would be really scary.  Take it easy!
    History and blog link in spoiler
    2016 - dx with super low ovarian reserve; failed cycle with clomid, failed IUI, 
    2017 - egg retrieval #1 - 3 eggs, 0 embryos appropriate for transfer; ER #2 2 eggs, 0 embryos on day 3; ER #3 1 egg 0 embryos
    moved to donor egg in summer 2017; 35 eggs retrieved; 19 fertilized; 9 total embryos
    Fresh transfer Dec 2017= BFP!  baby boy born 8/22/18

    May 2019 - surprise natural pregnancy ended in MC
    Nov 2019 FET; MC at 9 weeks
    May 2020 FET; BFN
    July 2020 FET; CP treated with methotrexate
    Oct 2020 BFP! 

    Take a look at my blog

    [Deleted User]
  • @adirat I had a previa with ds. It went away completely by 28 weeks. Is yours complete or partial?
    adirat[Deleted User]
  • @dragonfly6191 I somehow missed your post! So sorry to hear about the SCH- I hope it goes away soon and stays at a spot that isn't concerning. And that's so much fun, a girl and a boy!

    @adirat sorry about your placenta previa- but great news about your fetal echo!

    Me: 28, DH: 30 Married July 2014  DX: Severe MFI- 3 failed IUI's, IVF #1 Egg retrieval June 4th 2016, 5 day transfer- BFP Baby Boy! EDD 2/25/2017. Our sweet miracle Carter Bennett arrived 2/12/2017 6 lbs, 2 oz 19 inches. <3 Surprise BFP!!! Baby Girl due 10/1/2018.

    adirat[Deleted User]
  • adiratadirat member
    @wildrainbow That's great to hear, thank you! Fortunately it's a partial previa so she gave me 50/50 odds it'll resolve on its own.

    [Deleted User]wildrainbow
  • How far along? 25w4d
    Appts this coming week? Nothing until the beginning of June... the dreaded GD.
    How're you feeling this week? Heartburn is miserable. I can now only sleep well on one side so my hips are killing me. Even during the day I start feeling my lower back/hips/knees/ankles/feet start to... I don't know how to explain it... stretch out? Get super achy? People tell me this is all due to relaxin and there's no helping it but holy hell does it hurt sometimes and Tylenol is just a cruel joke.
    GTKY:  What is everyone doing as far as showers / sprinkles?  Who is hosting?  Are you having multiple showers? Etc. My mom and stepmother are co-hosting a co-ed "shower" (really more of a lunch and drinks, no games) at our house, which is 2 hours away from where they live, just so we don't have to lug our gifts back to our house. I don't have much family so my stepsister and sister are also coming down, but the rest of the people will be DH's and my friends from here in town. So I'm stressed about the state of the house since I can no longer really clean or do anything physical for more than like an hour at the most. DH keeps adding new projects to his already absurd list of things he wants to do, so I'm stressing more than I think is necessary. I tried to convince him to let me get a cleaning crew and he flat out refuses. Grr.

    MIL is hosting a shower at her house about 5 hours away two weeks after the one here (she and FIL are also coming to this one), and I have exactly zero idea who is even coming. I hear it's some of DH's extended family who I barely know and MIL's old lady friends who I've never met. Sounds like a nightmare. Am I a d*ck for complaining? :)

    Also, question for those who have registries up and running: We used BabyList and it sends me notifications when someone reserves a gift. So far, only my one coworker and my mom's cousin have gotten something off the list, and MIL's old lady friend got two things that the old ladies are going in on together, and the shower is 19 days away. I hate to be *that person* but is it normal for people to wait until the last second? I feel this overwhelming need to know if we're getting everything so that I can shop sales for the stuff we aren't getting - and there are tons of sales right now (like our high chair is $20 off at Target). Gah, I really need to find my center.
    [Deleted User]radmom272MomsHoping
  • adiratadirat member
    @2momshoping Good luck friend! Surely the nausea will stop in THIRD tri?  

    [Deleted User]laurad752MomsHoping
  • Congratulations @radmom27 !!! And welcome to second tri!  So happy to see you here ❤❤❤
  • @laurad75 hope the appt goes well!

    @adirat sorry about the placenta previa :/ and YES strollers! So.many.choices.

    @BusinessWife I saw on the Sept board you did your Amazon- I tried mine- finished checklist, made a purchase but it’s still telling me I’m not eligible for the box/free gift because I haven’t made a purchase- does it take a minute for it to process that?
    TTC since May 2013
    Mild PCOS, Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
    No Folic acid/pharmaceuticals/supplements (too many to list- private message me if interested), IVIL infusion
    [Deleted User]2MomsHopingadiratchicandbubbly
  • Welcome! @mechelita44  so fun to have another Team Green-er here!

    @lablover78  um, yeah, it's annoying AF.  The first thing I ordered didn't count because it was also in my saved for later, so even when it shipped, it didn't meet the requirements.  The next time I tried, I did see the number change to one item purchased, on the right hand side, on desktop.  But no checkmark... so now this is me obsessively tracking my order to see of the check mark appears once the item actually ships...???

    If it doesn't switch over in the system by the time my item arrives, I plan on reaching out again to Amazon.
  • Thanks! TB blocking my love its again....
    TTC since May 2013
    Mild PCOS, Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
    No Folic acid/pharmaceuticals/supplements (too many to list- private message me if interested), IVIL infusion
    [Deleted User]chicandbubbly
  • Thanks! TB blocking my love its again....
    TTC since May 2013
    Mild PCOS, Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
    No Folic acid/pharmaceuticals/supplements (too many to list- private message me if interested), IVIL infusion
    [Deleted User]
  • @lablover78 I was going to ask the same question! I’ll let you know if mine decides to work...
    [Deleted User]
  • I somehow missed half of all these posts earlier- welcome to the new ladies ❤️❤️❤️ I still have to pinch myself that this is real sometimes! 

    @sarcasticowl that pain sounds miserable and I would not be happy about driving 5 hrs to your MILs weird shower- this is a safe place lol 

    im the worst and lost my instructions for my glucose challenge tomorrow- can I have coffee before I drink the drink? The internet is confusing me....
    TTC since May 2013
    Mild PCOS, Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
    No Folic acid/pharmaceuticals/supplements (too many to list- private message me if interested), IVIL infusion
    [Deleted User]sarcasticowl2MomsHopingchicandbubbly
  • @lablover78. I think coffee is probably fine, but I would drink it black and skip any milk, in case they did want it done more or less fasting.  The coffee shouldn't mess with your levels much - if at all, but the milk contains lactose, so that would impact your numbers.
  • Good news!!!  The order shipped, and the green box is checked now!!!  Yay!!  Now if I could only get the free gift promo code to work... :/
  • Hugs @laurad75 ❤️ You are a strong mamma and we are all here for you. I’m sure he’s doing well xoxo 
    TTC since May 2013
    Mild PCOS, Compound Heterozygous MTHFR
    No Folic acid/pharmaceuticals/supplements (too many to list- private message me if interested), IVIL infusion
    [Deleted User]laurad75adirat
  • sarcasticowlsarcasticowl member
    edited May 2018
    @laurad75 Good point. Now if only I could just stop myself from buying that high chair :) As for prenatal yoga, I've actually started doing some stretching moves - mostly just on my hands and knees, curving my back up and stretching it back out - I assume this is some sort of cat move? LOL - and it's actually helped a lot. Like, instantly, which was a huge surprise.

    Good luck with your appointment today. You'll do great! Definitely eat before you go - I know being nervous, underfed and having blood drawn always makes me a little woozy, so definitely grab yourself some veggies and protein at least. Realistically they're looking at your levels before and after the glucose so they can tell how it's affecting you whether you've got any sugar in you before or not. So a little bit of carbs won't hurt :)
    [Deleted User]laurad75adirat
  • @sarcasticowl Now I have to know, what is the high chair?  I feel kinda bad bc the one I picked is so $$$  We like it bc its wood and converts to a real chair, rather than a temporary plastic thing, but it's tough because I hate to ask for such expensive things... :/

    Meanwhile, I'm a little frustrated the crib wasn't purchased during the 20% spring promo at Target, the pack n play is full price again on Amazon... what can you do???
  • @BusinessWife Apparently Target's sale is now over (arghhhh!), but this is the one we picked: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JTLZ7U?tag=babyli-20&th=1.

    I agree with the plastic part but this seemed a little more substantial than a typical all-plastic chair and cleanability was my #1 requirement. It's a bonus that it converts!
    [Deleted User]
  • ***lurking***
    @radmom27 I lurked on this board and saw your name. Congratulations!!! I'm so so excited for you. All the best with the remainder of your pregnancy :smile:

    ***History & TW in Spoiler***

    ***bfp & child warning***
    TTC - since 2014
    7 rounds of Clomid - BFN
    IUI #1 - October 2015 - BFN
    IUI #2 - November 2015 - BFN
    IUI #3 - December 2015 - BFN
    IVF #1 - March 2016
    Retrieval #1 - April 2016
    FET #1 - May 2016 - BFP!!! DS - Born January 2017
    Trying for baby #2...
    FET #2 - January 2018 - BFN  
    No more embryos left; switched to a new RE
    IVF/Retrieval #2 - January 2019
    IVF/Retrieval #3 - March 2019
    FET #3 - April 2019 - BFP!!! - DD: Born December 2019
    Trying for baby #3...
    FET #4 - October 2021 - BFP!!! - Due June 2022

  • sarcasticowlsarcasticowl member
    edited May 2018
    @chicandbubbly Thanks for that! I knew as soon as we found out we were having a girl that we'd be inundated with clothing, so I'm gearing up for that even though we have a ton already :)

    Also, I hope I don't sound like a spoiled brat. It's totally not like that. DH was actually not into having a shower/showers AT ALL because we are not crazy fond of the idea of crowdsourcing baby things we 'should' be buying ourselves. He got over it once he realized how much we would need, and that with me leaving my job after my maternity leave is up, it will save us a bunch of money. It's just been hard giving up control and hoping for the best and imagining myself lugging a cart full of crap through Target at 8 months pregnant  :#
    [Deleted User]chicandbubbly
  • @lablover78 that chair looks SOOOO comfy! I bet you end up sleeping in it towards the end  :D
    [Deleted User]lablover78hottietoddyadirat
  • @laurad75 (BIG WAVE) I'm happy to see you here!  I hope your appt went well today!
    Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome!  I couldn't be more happy to be here.
    @BusinessWife I do not look forward to the weight shaming. Like anyone TRIES to put on excess weight when they're pregnant.  Ugh. 
    TTC since August 2014 
    Me: 41, Him: 43 

    DX: Unexplained secondary infertility 

    Multiple months of Clomid/Femara
    End of March 2015: BFP with Femara! Saw heartbeat at 5.5 weeks. M/C at 11 weeks
    Multiple more months of Femara
    IUI #1 with Femara and Follistem 75 units: BFN
    IUI #2 with Follistem 150 units: BFN
    Dec 2015: 1st IVF. 10 eggs retrieved with 8 eggs fertilized.  5 day transfer of two embryos with 2 frozen embies. BFN
    January 2016: FET #1 2 embryos: BFN
    March 2016: 2nd IVF cycle. 4 eggs retrieved with 2 fertilized. Quick two day transfer of both embryos: BFN
    April/May 2016 IVF #3. 11 eggs retrieved. 10 mature.  7 fertilized.  2 5AA blasts transferred 5/11/2016 BFN
    September 2016 IVF #4: 17 follicles growing, premature ovulation through Cetrotide. Retrieval cancelled. 
    April 2017 IVF #5: 9 follicles growing, 6 eggs retrieved with 5 fertilized. Transfer of three blasts. BFN
    June 2017: IVF #6: 2 follicles growing, 5 eggs retrieved with 5 fertilized. Transfer of 5 3-day embryos. Chemical pregnancy. BFN
    Nov/Dec 2017: Donor egg cycle. 33 eggs retrieved, 26 mature. 26 fertilized. 
    hottietoddy[Deleted User]laurad75
  • hottietoddyhottietoddy member
    edited May 2018
    Hi guys, glad to see lots of activity this week and everyone is well. 

    How far along?  I'm 25 weeks and super glad.  I know this is maybe psycho but I read that 90% of babies born 26-27 weeks survive so I am looking forward to getting there next week.  I am really looking forward to 3rd tri.  I am getting excited that this might really work out and I'll have a baby.  Not getting too excited but starting to let myself believe more and picture a real person!  

    Appts this coming week?  Canceled  appointment this week and going again next thursday even though will go to perinatal the following tuesday also.  I really need the piece of mind before my first shower weekend after next and helps me relax. went to the doctor last Thursday for sono just to make sure everything was ok.  I got nervous having a week off.  Cerclage is good, baby is good and cervix is long and closed.  Baby is breech and kicking really low so was making me nervous.  But now I know what the feeling is and helped me have a nice weekend.  

    How're you feeling this week?  Most of my problems are poop related.  TMI but it keeps hurting and then the baby kicks on top of it.  Today I took a nap just so I wouldn't have to feel it.  And Everytime it hurts I get stressed it isn't just constipation or other and then I go and I'm ok again.  This afternoon I woke up having to go and it actually made me nauseous.  Just trying to take it easy and day by day.  Also trying not to work too hard.  Finished a big project this week and feels good! 

    Had one big meltdown last sat evening when got over tired.  My husband and I have made a code word 'code purple' and it means we have to stop everything and I need to lay down and he rubs my back and listens to me if I need to vent or cry.   There is no other solution really because we know I am irriational and not myself.  It has been working and we are fine after, he has been so supportive and is really getting the hang of taking care of me.  I think he'll be a great dad. 

    GTKY:  What is everyone doing as far as showers / sprinkles?  Who is hosting?  Are you having multiple showers? Etc.

    @sarcasticowl- guuuurl I am so with you on the baby showers.  I ended up inviting my MIL and SIL to my first shower in 2 weeks. And I'm dreading it a bit.  There are some friends that I adore that will be there too so I'm going to just try and focus on them. I also have received 2 presents and my shower is in week and a half now!  I know I always do wait until last minute though.  We'll see but I'm the same thinking like I spent so much time on this list and everyone is ignoring it! Hah

     My MIL had the audacity to ask if she could invite more extended family members to the one she barely made the cut for.  I haven't spoken to her in months and my husband barely talks to her and emailed her back, a firm no. The second thing we are doing is a friend's brunch and I'm most excited for this one!  Then the last one is my step family which is kinda BS because none of them would lift a finger to plan it.  I had to set it up myself and just made a reservation for lunch and a Facebook invite.  They all wanted to come but no one wants to have it.  Whatever, I'm glad I can portion it out into three groups and not mix too much family and friends. I'm also thankful I'll at least get a few presents out of all this forced socializing. I know I'm being a brat, but it's hard gathering and having to see everyone I know and talk about this pregnancy which hasn't been the easiest path.  I'm just skipping the details with anyone but my very closest friends. 

    So on the topic of all the shopping, I found a magical solution this last week.  It is Nextdoor.  I don't know if it is everywhere but here in Texas people use it a lot.  It is a neighborhood website and people sell things on there.  It's weird because I have been hesitant to get anything second hand but suddenly I'm like totally down.  I got the bassinet, all newborn clothes, packnplay, rocknplay, swing, crib and all furniture new.  We are getting to the top of our budget and so now I'm looking for deals.  I found the sweetest couple that lives 10 mins from us and they gave us like all the baby stuff they had for $150. Included a bouncer a second bassinet/rocker (possibly for my mom's house) baby sling, play mat, tons of toys, bottle warmer and sanitizer, boppy pillow and cover....ect.  Was  crazy and so nice and made my husband very happy because so cheap. We also got a very nice peg perego highchair for $80, Bumbo chair with tray for $10.  So it's been fruitful and every couple we've met has been nice.  I will say there was one dud, a lady sold us a jumper that  smelled really heavy with perfume.  I think they smoke and are covering it up and my husband picked up and didn't notice.  Anyway, we couldn't get out the smell washing several times so we are donating it.  So we are out $30 but we saved probably over $300-$400. 

    @2MomsHoping I am going to miss you and will have to lurk around on 3rd tri to follow you! Sorry to be a weirdo, getting attached to you guys on here! Haha.  So happy for you going into third trimester, I can't wait to join you. 

    @BusinessWife. Don't let her make you feel bad....  I started gaining again the last two weeks also...  I gained 2 more pounds so I'm up to like 5 lbs. But I'm only supposed to gain 15 total.  This week I started logging my calories again and realized I've been eating like 1000-1500 over unknowingly.  Got a bunch of whole foods prepared meals and didn't track well, oh well, I can usually make it up after a week or so watching more closely.  Our baby is measuring a week ahead now and starting to get consistent comments that he is tall and big each week. 

    @Dragonfly6191 sorry about the sch - I had one too and had to be on and off rest.  Take it very easy and you can do it!  Boy and a girl how amazing!

    Welcome all other new 2nd tri gals so glad you are here! And congratulations!

    @adirat sorry to hear about placenta previa, glad to hear you are doing okay though.  Maybe it will move a bit.  My best friend had it like 100% and got a c-section and was perfectly fine.  

    @laurad75 glad you are sticking with us another week and hope that appointment went well!

    @lablover78 I'm glad to hear your tightness from last week is better.  It does sound like BH and hopefully that's all.  I haven't had any yet, maybe because I'm on progesterone to relax everything. 

    [Deleted User]wildrainbowlaurad75sarcasticowl
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