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Found out about cheating

I’ve had suspicions that my partner was cheating with his ex. He shares a kid with her and always insisted their contact was strictly coparenting. He didn’t tell her I was pregnant, she found out because I announced it on Facebook. She drunk called him at 2 am and demanded to know if we were serious. This really raises my suspicions because if nothing was going on, why would she care? After arguing with him, I decided to call her. She told me that they’ve been having sex continuously for the past 2 years and she thought I knew. She said she didn’t care if I was pregnant because he told her he wasn’t serious about me and wasn’t planning on being with me. They had sex as recent as last weekend. My suspicions were confirmed, I wasn’t going crazy like my ex made me feel. I’m disgusted and hurt. Scared to be a single mom. But I know I have to stay strong for baby. 

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  • I'm so sorry to hear how he treated you. Being a single mom has it's challenges but, in the end, it's totally worth it. My ex started cheating on me after I told him I was pregnant.  He tried to hide it but then the other girl made him call me to tell me all about it, and when he couldn't do it, she told me everything. All the times, places, acts, everything. It was devastating.  But now I've got an almost 5yr old and a boyfriend who has been the absolute best partner and dad we could have ever asked for. Sending you lots of hugs.  Feel free to PM me if you need anything.
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  • I really appreciate your response. I did confront him and he didn’t seem phased he just responded “ok.” But on the bright side, I can get over him sooner and be strong for me and my daughter. I was scared of being alone and single forever. But thank you for giving me hope. I can’t be with someone I have zero trust in.
  • There's always hope

    And while this board is no longer as active as it used to be, I'm still around, you can always PM if you need anything.

    :) Happy Mother's Day
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  • @vickyfm92 how are things going?
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