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Let’s hear those opinions ladies!


Re: UO Thursday

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  • These english muffin bagels everyone is talking about sound horrid to me...give me a giant, carby doughy chewy bagel any day!
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  • @SmashJam more for me! I love regular bagels too. These are kind of a different category. 

    @lindsayleigh1989 same, yuck. 

    UO I hate wearing yoga pants in public. I want to wear them, I just always feel underdressed and uncomfortable. (This pregnancy will probably change my opinion) 

  • @ashbub714 just before i got to the "not talking toddlers" i was shrinking lol.  TBH - I don't love that we do it...but when the length of dinner is still way longer than toddler attention span not sure what else to do besides stop going out (which I've seriously considered). We tend to try coloring books first and then switch just before the melt down.  I was that 10 year old who had a handheld or book at the restaurant- I was an only child and my parents wanted to enjoy their adult talk and meal without my input.  So I would totally judge them too.
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    +1 Eww sushi 
    @ashbub714 i heard a kid ask the hostess what the WiFi password was before even given a seat! iPad in hand. I put it on for like 5 mins for DS so i can scarf down my food.

    Cant think of an UO right now...
  • @gingerbride26 aw! Yeah I totally get having to do something when toddlers lose patience with the whole “eating out” thing. I think it just makes me sad that the kid isn’t interacting with the parents at all. 

    @wildtot ugh thats the situation that gets to me! Reminds me of our nephews when we got to the beach last year. As soon as we entered the house (before we even had unloaded the cars) the boys were scouring the house for the WiFi password. I’m like “LOOK OUTSIDE! The ocean is right there! Who cares about the stupid password!?!?” 

  • @ashbub714 I was a little worried with your UO until the "not toddlers" part also. Although, until I had a toddler add me to the list of people who judged THOSE people too. However, like @gingerbride26 said, when the dinner is gonna be longer than the attention span, I definitely bust it out. If not, we always have toys. 

    I had a FB friend post that they hit up their Target $ spot and buy games and cards and stuff to entertain the kids and put it all in a bag and that's what they use in restaurants not electronics. I thought that sounded pretty sweet but she has two older kids and two younger (toddler and baby) and I'm not sure how much my one toddler would engage by himself. 
  • I hate the abuse of there terms/expressions:
    Blessed, too blessed to be stressed, manifestation, bossbabe, mompreneur, bosslady...
    I think I need to clean my IG feed, lol.

    The manifestation stuff kills me. Like "I attract abundance", "I say it out loud and the universe makes it happen!". Umm, let's tell that to kids in Siria...

    I'm all positive thinking and I do believe a good attitude goes a long way but the idea that things happen because you request them it's pure BS in my opinion. 

    Sushi is awesome and so is "athleisure" , hahahaha
  • haha I had a bad experience with it in college and got horrendous food poisoning so that is probably why I still cant do it haha
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  • zombiehoohaazombiehoohaa member
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    @lindsayleigh1989 I JUST ordered 2 sushi rolls for lunch after reading your UO. I am not a fan of sashimi (sp?), however I love me some rolls!! 

    Not sure how to write out my UO without sounding like an asshole... Parents who do not teach or enforce manners, rules, chores, etc. for their children. Teaching these things at a young age and enforcing it, to some degree, helps the kid(s) later in life. I am seeing this first hand with one of my nieces. Her dad just does not enforce ANYTHING. The kid rules the house. Kid doesn't want to pick up her toys, dad won't make her. Kid doesn't want to say hi to her aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc., dad doesn't make her. Tells the adult to just leave her alone. No. Teach your child to be polite. 

    ETA: I live in yoga pants right now! They are the most comfortable and easiest to put on/wear. I was not into the Lularoe's either until my sister gave me 3 pairs...I've been wearing them on the weekends only. SO comfortable! Give me all the comfort!!

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  • wildtotwildtot member
    @zombiehoohaa i agree for the most part. I try not to force DS to say hi to someone they don’t know or rarely see (he probably doesn’t remember them). I want to conserve some of the “stranger danger” aspect for now. Now if DS saw this person all the time preg was older i would continue to encourage that level of respect. 
    I don’t agree with making children earn money and they “paying bills” at such a young age either. That’s  for older kids. Sometimes you really just have to let them enjoy their innocence and not worry them with adult issues at 5 years old. I’m all for earning as a reward but leave at that for now. 
  • Don’t get me wrong yoga pants are the first thing on my body if I’m at home. I neverrrr have real pants on at home actually. I just always feel weird wearing them out. Dh likes my butt though so he always tries to get me to wear them. *shrug*

    @ashbub714 I always think it’s weird when kids who are old enough to sit through dinner are on devices. Usually we make my 6 year old entertain himself without electronics but the 3 year old definitely struggles with meals out or late-in-the-day shopping trips (any time of day actually).

    @zombiehoohaa I also agree mostly. My kids are pretty polite but I remind them obsessively almost to say please/thank you. And encourage them to at least say hi to people that talk to them first. I think it’s an important life skill that really is just a good habit. If you don’t have that habit established then you’re not a polite person- or it’s harder to be.

    that said- we had a rough morning and my daughter was crying while we were waiting at my sons appointment and a nurse kept coming up to her and asking her what was wrong and it was 100% making it worse. I had to tell the lady “yeah I think she just doesn’t want to talk to strangers today...” and she got the hint.  

  • Ooh @paytonpedro I hate that little boys never have as much selection as little girls! Also- that outfit is skimpy and along the same lines- I won’t let my DD wear a 2-piece swimsuit for a long time. I think they’re cute on little girls but I just don’t see why an infant needs to be so exposed. Also- sunburns, that’s more skin you have to protect lol. 

  • SmashJamSmashJam member
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    @hillbillywife before I had a kid whose skin I had to protect I thought rashguards were dumb and wished people would put their girls in adorable swimsuits. Now DS is in a rashguard and shorts every time we are outside in the sun, and I totally understand why moms of girls do it-sunscreen is such a PITA to apply! I do not wanna spend forever doing it and the more covered you are the better. He wanted to run around in teh backyard naked while spraying himself with the hose yesterday at peak sun and I was like, no. Too much sunscreen to apply!

    @paytonpedro that is so small!
  • So true about the girls vs boy section! And yokes at those croptops...
  • It’s was like a SUPER MINI crop top. Like if that was scaled up, I’m not even sure I would be comfortable wearing it. I’m not super conservative when it comes to clothes but what is the reason behind this? I just don’t get it. They’re babies!! 
  • @paytonpedro you read my mind. What is the why behind it? *Raises eyebrow*
  • +1 about hating and not understanding inappropriate girls clothes. That outfit is horrible. I also won't let DD wear a two-piece, or cut-out one piece swim suit. She's 4, not 16. 
    There are a few clothing lines out there for kids that are like in between genders. Like, girls shirts and shorts that aren't super short, and boys clothes that aren't too baggy or long, just in between.

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  • 1. Gimme all the yoga pants. So long as you can’t see my underwear, I’ll wear them anywhere and everywhere. 

    2. Guilty of giving DS the phone to salvage the tail end of dinners out. A whole bag of activities will only occupy him so long. But I love that idea of new/cheap toys for trips out! 

    3. Manners and rules should be a given for kids. When they’re little a lot of the teaching is by example, but at some point it should be an expectation. I’m a little annoying about having DS say please and thank you but I’d rather it be second nature as he grows up.
    Chores are/will be an issue in our house. I grew up with chores, to the point that we had an alternating chore list (4 teenagers) that we had to complete daily. DH on the other hand was raised by wolves with three other brothers and from what I’ve gathered, had zero rules or chores and lived in filth. (Even without kids my IL’s house is always filthy) So DH thinks my mothers chore chart was excessive, but as an adult I don’t see why children shouldn’t have responsibilities around the house, especially when they’re making the majority of the mess. 

  • wildtotwildtot member
    I think apple cutters and other things like it (i just saw one for a banana!) are stupid. I remember my SIL traveled with hers when they came in January, that’s just weird.
  • hillbillywifehillbillywife member
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    @acunamatada I laughed too hard at your description of your In laws lol. I hope that my future son/daughter-in laws don’t think that about me. I need to learn how to be a better housekeeper. I also need to figure out a good system for chores for my kiddos. I want them to help out but lack a lot of motivation and willpower to make it happen every day. 

    @wildtot I love my apple cutter! When my last one broke, though, I actually forgot that they made them for several years. Using a knife is only slightly less convenient. A knife is def easier to clean though 

  • wildtotwildtot member
    @hillbillywife yeah it’s the cleaning i hate about them. I would say that you can throw it in the dishwasher but at the rate DS eats apples that would never happen. I remember using them when i was younger and i always went lopsided and screwed it up so was never my thing. 
  • I am permanently bitter about the lack of clothing for boys..I noticed this early on with DS1 and get so frustrated so fast in stores. 

    I can’t and won’t with the newborn crop top...

    Manners are huge in our house! Yes it can be annoying but it’s so rewarding when they finally catch on and you get compliments from strangers, waitstaff, ect because your child says please and thank you. 

    Also plus 1 on custom and handwritten thank yous! Personal touch goes a long way!

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  • @hillbillywife I’m sure you’re not even remotely as bad lol- I’m talking like 30+ years of untouched cat hair bad... Like borderline hoarders-level icky, and it’s sad because the house is huge and would be so beautiful if they didn’t let it go.
    I once forgot an iced coffee on their kitchen counter when we went to visit... The next time we came to visit, well over a month later, the coffee was still there. 

    @wildtot I’m a minimalist when it comes to kitchen things, no need for that, it’s just one more dish to do! 
  • We are big in manners - yes please, no thank you, may I have ——. Figure make it second nature . 

    I give my my daughter a tablet out to eat at meals sometimes. So it’s never something she expects.

    i grew up with no chores. Currently I try to enforce some but I tend to forget. For my 4 year old her are help pick up toys at end of day/ take plate to kitchen/ put clothes in dirty laundry basket
  • I’m a day late, but what’s new!

    i also can’t stand older kids on tablets st restaurants.  But what bugs me even more is when grown adults do it.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been out to eat and seen a couple with their heads down on their phones for 20+ minutes without a single word to each other.  It’s ridiculous and sad.  I’m not saying that I never look at my phone during dinner (check it with the sitter, quick response to a text about plans for tomorrow, etc).  But I’ve actually witnessed adults sit down, and go the entire meal without talking to each.  It’s so sad to me.  

    Chores are a balance to me.  Kids should be allowed to be kids, but there’s also just general respect for others cia chores.  With DD it’s not so much about teaching the actual chore as teaching her willingness to help others.  Whatever I’m doing she should pitch in
  • My 19 month old says please...it sounds more like “teeeeeese!” But I know what he means. 

    @acunamatada my in laws are hoarders too.
    well specifically just my MIL. But she justifies it because that’s her “job”. She goes around the state to all the good wills and tag sales and buys alllll the junk, then resells it on eBay. Granted she does make money doing this, some people pay a lot of money for random crap on eBay, but it’s resulted in a house that’s filled with useless Knick knacks and there’s this permanent basement/garage/storage unit type smell in their house. And every time we go over she tries to give us some of her useless junk thinking we actually want it. Sigh. They do have weekly cleaners though, that coffee cup thing is crazy. 
  • @acunamatada oh, yikes. Yeah I’m not quite that bad. I’ll use it as motivation to keep if far from that bad lol. 

  • +1 for manners - at 2 we're reinforcing the "peas" and "dank u's" - she did pick up "bess you" when someone sneezes which is kind of hilarious/cute.  

    cell phones are the devil... with DD we didn't know any better and thought it was just an easy way to distract her while out...then she got obsessed with it and had to take it away; still an issue with MIL though because she ignores the request to withhold the phone and we've gotten into fights at restaurants with her before over it.  She lets DD play slots on her phone...  We got her a kindle kids tablet for christmas with all educational games loaded on and that is what we use in restaurants/dr appointments.  We do watch TV more than we should - only way I've survived her being home sick ALL WEEK - but if she's ignoring requests or not eating we turn it off until she behaves.

    @acunamatada I also LOL'd at the description - my MIL is the complete opposite - she claims she has "ODC" and it's not her fault but she cleans other people's houses when she's there if she thinks its too messy and I continuously had to take things out of the trash after she babysits that aren't trash.
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  • My DD has a tablet, but I won't let her take it out of the house. I am not a fan of electronics at restaurants so I don't want to encourage the habit. We do not go out to eat much, but when we do I just try my best to keep her entertained with crayons or whatever. It's hard, I hate it, I barely go out now (once a month maybe), but I am determined not to give in.

    She is almost 3 and super active, she is going to act up some. I just correct her and distract her. If she gets loud, I walk her out and try and settle her down. I have only had to pack up and leave once so far. 

    Regarding chores, she helps with laundry (i let her take things out of the hamper and put up clean clothes), but has stopped picking up toys. I am just playing it by ear. I won't start enforcing her to clean her own room until she has a better grasp on it.

    Also we are big on manners... please, thank you, you're welcome, etc. That was another thing very important to me

  • amdftwamdftw member
    @wildtot We have an apple cutter and I like it all right but I'd never bring it with me to someone else's house.  THAT is weird.
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  • zg49zg49 member
    @wildtot ....she brought her own apple cutter? That is strange lol! Reminds me of when my DH bought an avocado cutter (he doesn't even like avocado.) That thing is more of a pain in the butt than anything! I hate it. 

  • wildtotwildtot member
    @amdftw @zg49 yeah she was with us for a week and she brought a bunch of stuff with her like if ours was not good enough or didn’t want to bother asking us. I offered jelly once since we were making sandwiches for everyone and she said no because she like hers more. Sorry mine wasn’t organic like yours! She likes to one up us a lot but whatever. I’m also childish and don’t like any of her Instagram post because she always has to narrate them to seem so perfect. Bff give me a break! Even DH ranted about it today. 
    Wow sorry that turned into a rant.
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