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Introducing Myself

Hi everyone. I am not new to the Bump, but I am new to TTTC.

My fiance and I have been TTC since January 2017, but we did take a few months off to get my asthma under control with steroid inhalers. I went to see my doctor yesterday for a referral and my fiance is seeing her on Friday to get his testing sorted. I hope me being here isn't inappropriate as I have not seen an RE yet. I just needed to talk to those who are living the process and offer some support in return <3

Re: Introducing Myself

  • Hi @meri-mac, welcome! I hope your stay is short and sweet :smile:
    Me: 28 | DH: 27 
    Married: 9/16
    TTC: 1/17
    Dx: PCOS | AO
    Round 1: 50mg Clomid - 4/18
    BFP - 5/13/18
  • @meri-mac welcome to the group! I'm sorry that you find yourself here and I hope your stay is not long. DH and I started ttc in February 2017, so we're just behind you. I don't think you being here is inappropriate at all. Our first appointment with an RE is on Monday, although I have been doing treatment with my OB since October. The ladies in this group are at all different stages of treatment and are wonderfully supportive :)
    Me: 37 DH: 35
    Married since February 2012
    TTC since February 2017
    10 natural cycles = all BFN
    Dx: weak ovulation with possible LPD; Rx: Clomid (4 rounds); Puregon + Ovidrel + TI (3 rounds)
    7 medicated cycles (see above) = BFN
    During the last medicated cycle, they found a small cyst on an ovary and ordered an MRI to check for endometriosis
    May 2018 switched to an RE and did more testing while trying naturally
    8 natural cycles = BFN
    Dx: AMA, endometriosis/endometrioma, DOR; Rx: IVF
    October 2018, IVF #1 = 4 ER, 2 M, 1 F
    10/25/18 Transfer of 1, 8-cell 3-day embryo = CP :'(
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