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Product Spotlight for 5/7

Some options below for tomorrow's product spotlight. Alternatively, there is the spreadsheet link so you can look and see whats coming up and suggest something you are interested in. This will help me plan the next 4 or so Product spotlights and just want to make sure I'm doing ones that people are interested in! We can keep the "Ask a STM" going every month if that is something people love.

Link here:

Product Spotlight for 5/7 12 votes

16% 2 votes
Health and Safety
25% 3 votes
16% 2 votes
DIY Memorabillia (photobooks, scrapbooks, etc.)
25% 3 votes
Other (mentioned below)
16% 2 votes

Re: Product Spotlight for 5/7

  • wildtotwildtot member
    I feel like teething can also be part of health and safety. Depends on the direction you wanna take with health and safety. Teething can be so hard. I’m dreading DSs last set of molars.
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  • I voted for DIY because I neglected all that with my son and want to be better this time 
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  • SmashJamSmashJam member
    edited May 2018
    Freezer meals/meal prep plans are on my radar, or the hospital bag ( I had a couple friends who went at 29 weeks or slightly more, makes me paranoid), so I voted for "other." I agree teething and health and safety could go together, and I am all for the combining of some of the remaining ones because we haven't been super active on all of these lately.
  • @smash jam id be more interested in a meal prep/labor prep type thread than the others now that you mention it. I didn’t do much of Anything last time but I’d like to get some stuff in order this time. 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    Hospital bag would be good! I need to remember what i really used and forgot to bring the first time around.
  • And846And846 member
    Meal prep/labor prep! 
  • I voted for health/safety, however hospital bag is constantly in my mind and I'm really eager to hear what others suggest. I like to be prepared. 

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  • I voted travel but hospital bag is Def a good one
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