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  • I'm not a fan of diaper raffles at showers
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 I just had to look up what that even was! Read it and cringed.
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  • cseley321cseley321 member
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    Yeah I don't think being turned off by diaper raffles is an UO at all!

  • @cseley321 apparently it is super common and acceptable nowadays and people are expected to get both a gift and diapers. Blew my mind! 
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  • wildtotwildtot member
    Baby leg warmers are weird and it looks like it’s torturing their chubby legs.
  • @lindsayleigh1989 Um, I think diapers on their own count as a gift! My uncle just sent us a big box yesterday and we were so excited to have that many less that we'll have to buy.
  • Not an UO but I LOVE your GIF choice @wildtot I am constantly making Small Wonder references and DH is making fun of me that no one knows what I'm talking about. So even if you don't know the show...at least they have dedicated a GIF to it!

  • I don't like Sesame Street, actually I find a lot of it super annoying and I'm glad DD was never super in to it. I especially dislike Mr. Noodle. I do like the Sesame Street Singing With the Stars videos though, DD and I will have dance parties to that. 
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  • Also, you guys make me wanna gag with the cheeto and oreo talk. 
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  • @runsomewhere my son is obsessed with Sesame Street, and I think my husband kind of is too?? Sometimes they sit on the couch together and just watch Sesame Street music videos together on his phone, their favorite is the one with Adam Sandler and Elmo. It's kind of odd. 

    On the same note as diaper raffles, I also strongly dislike being told to bring a book instead of a card. I just don't like being told what to do when I am attending a shower/sending a gift. I think it's kind of presumptuous and rude to direct how people should spend their money on you. 
  • crabcake18crabcake18 member
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    I think certain things should not be offered in a low fat option. examples: pasta, ice cream and peanut butter. Give me all the calories! 

    I dont love diaper raffles either and find that everyone buys the same books for showers when that’s used which is annoying as the gift giver. Ps: Elmo’s voice is annoying to me
  • @zande2016 that's pretty cute.

    @crabcake18 I agree about low fat versions of things but because the low fat version is almost always way worse for you than the full fat version. Replacing fat, especially healthy fat with sugar and chemicals to make it "low fat" is insanity. 

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  • I love Sesame Street! I like all the guest singers and their cool songs they sing. The pentatonix one is one of my favorites! 

    @zande2016 that’s a good point about the card/book thing. I also hate being told what to do and haven’t thought of that before. I did that at my shower with my first and ended up getting a lot of crappy books (I’m a book snob I’ll admit it) but decent books are expensive and that’s definitely a hardship for some people who already are scrounging to bring a gift in the first place. 

  • +1 for having to google diaper raffle...  
    @runsomewhere aw i actually like the noodles...but i'm obsessed with Kristin Chenoweth who plays miss noodle...I wasn't allowed to watch seasame street as a kid - mom thought it was too spastic/high energy - so I'm just discovering it now.  Sorry about the oreos :-x normally i sneer at the flavored oreo pile but this pregnancy I keep eating out-of-norm things (and i had a buy 3 bags coupon lol)

    I'm too hot to think of a UO...i could rant about common courtesy and responsibility being dead but hoping that's not UO
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 agreed. My sister in law wanted to do one for our shower and I said no. 

    She actually wanted to do that or the book thing @zande2016 mentioned and I felt bad saying no to both of her ideas so I let her do the book thing. But I did put cheap ($5.00 or less) books on my registry to help solve the problem of crappy books or duplicates. Also, she worded it as “if you would like to” vs a “don’t get me a card, get me a book” thing. Hopefully people don’t get upset about it.
  • lol you ladies should be glad you're not coming to my shower! My mom is doing both the diaper raffle and book instead of card. :shrugs: 
  • @hillbillywife the songs are the good part. I DD and I like the Ziggy Marley and Gwen Steffani ones best 

    @gingerbride26 that's funny about your mom thinking it was too high energy. I had no idea there was a Mrs. Noodle! 

    The oreo thing was not aimed at you, I don't even remember who posted about it but there has been a lot of cheetos and oreos talk recently. I'll see it and be all ewww while stuffing a burger in to my face lol. 
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  • millpemillpe member
    Apparently my UO is I'm doing a diaper raffle. It was just worded as a suggestion and I would never expect anyone to get a different huge pack of diapers on top of a gift. 
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  • amdftwamdftw member
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    I don't like the diaper raffles because I almost always forget about them.  I RSVP to the shower, put the event in my Gcal, and toss the invitation and inserts.  I'm better about it now but I have gone to several showers sans diapers and felt dumb for forgetting (which I realize is my own fault).
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  • @runsomewhere I wasn't offended :-P we all crave/adverse different things - i feel that way about peanut butter right now - but bring on the pickles and cake flavors! (separately not together).

    oo i think i got an UO - I hate boy names! DH and I can't agree and are getting nowhere - they're either super common/vanilla/already 5 in the family, super trendy, or super pretentious. Of course I like the pretentious ones and DH likes the trendy ones....
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  • I don’t have a real opinion on diaper raffles. I had one with DS. I figure it’s not mandatory, and they might get something back if they do participate. If that means I’ll get less other gifts, then at least I still got plenty of something I KNOW I’ll use. Buuut I could also see how it could come off as gift grabby. 

    I don’t mind the book thing, mostly because I normally give a book too so it’s one less thing to buy. But I’d be annoyed if I got something bigger off the registry and now I need to buy a book on top of it vs a card. 

    +1 for hating Sesame Street. And the Wiggles. And caillou. And Sid the Science Kid.
    Adults singing and dancing for kids just feels weird, maybe that’s my UO. 

    @gingerbride26 why is it so hot in CT?! I was wearing a sweatshirt at the beginning of the week. 

    @crabcake18 all the calories! They taste better and are better for you usually. The only exception I’ll throw out there are Halo Top and Vanilla Coke Zero, my two vices  :D 
  • wildtotwildtot member
    If your gonna indulge in the bad yet so good stuff at least make it the real good stuff. None of that low fat! 
  • zande2016zande2016 member
    edited May 2018
    @acunamatada you’d hate being in my house,
    my son’s favorite shows are Sesame Street and the wiggles lol. We’re actually going to the wiggles in concert in June, and I’m pretty excited about it. 

    The main thing I don’t like about the book thing is the way it’s worded to bring a book in place of a card. Number one, you’re asking me to buy a gift and then also buy a $10 book instead of a $2 cars. (Generally speaking, I know you can find a book for less). And number Two, if it’s in place of a card, that means people will write in it, but guarantee the mom to be will get duplicates that can’t be returned/exchanged. And that just seems wasteful to me. 

    Plus us one to this heat!! It was 95 on my drive home from nyc, I have the ac on already. We used to have 4 seasons....it seems like now it’s only 2. 
    @gingerbride26 boy names are so hard!! I’m on my second and boTh times I had twice as many girl names I liked as boys before finding out the sex. 

    Edited to say wtf is with my typing errors today. I think autocorrect is on overdrive today. 
  • Let me clarify about the diaper raffle. As long as it isn't expected for people to do both I dont really have a problem. I just know someone who was upset that people did not do both and that was so tacky to me. 
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  • I always assume anything at the shower is optional. I have come with no book and a present, or a book AS the present because it was pricey, and I sent a present but no diapers for the raffle to my SIL for a gift. When you are asking people to show up to a party based on celebrating you and your life choices, I would hope that most of the point of having people come is to have them share in the excitement with you, not to get everything you asked for, and that you won't be upset if people show up with one but not the other (the "you's" in this were not directed at anyone, just a general "you"!).

    I turn my nose up at the flavored oreos too, @gingerbride26 (today I saw CHERRY COLA. WTF) but chocolate hazlenut were insane. I ate the whole pack in a night.
  • I’ve actually never heard of a diaper raffle but can see how it would make people feel like they have to do double.  However, I always try to keep in mind too that it might not be originating from the mom to be, but from the host.  
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