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TW Tuesday 5/1

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Re: TW Tuesday 5/1

  • Tw is the wind this morning. It went from being in the mid 70's this past weekend to windy, cold, and stormy. Just when I thought I got a hang of the runny/stuffy nose, here comes the wind to mess it all up again. Asshole wind.

    (Not sure if my memes showed up on this thread. TB told me they uploaded however i don't dent see them.)

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  • TW is my neighbors. We moved into our house a little over a year ago, we are on a main road but in the town I grew up in, which is a very good town...except for where we live. Last night around 11 H heard a sound and looked out the window and saw a man shoot someone and then hop in his car and drive off, this woke up DD and they went and watched the police and news crews. DS and I slept through the entire thing (I don't know how since it was directly across the street)

    There was a shooting about 6 years ago across the street as well in what used to be a barber shop (which has since moved down a few doors). Of course housing prices here have skyrocketed so we cant afford to move.

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  • @zombiehoohaa I don't see the meme :(
  • @owlmama um wow! That’s so scary! 

  • @owl_momma how scary! Did you husband have to give a statement since he saw it happen? Will he eventually have to testify? (sorry, lawyer side of me coming out haha). 

    My TW is just me. I can't concentrate at work anymore. Every time I  try, I just get this weird anxious feeling and have to do something to distract me for a while before I can go back to it. I am hoping this doesn't last. 
  • @zande2016 I don't know if he spoke to the police or not, he didn't really say too much this morning he was so shaken up and I rushed out to a doctor appointment. I read online that the shooter and the victim know each other, the victim was shot in the arm with non life threatening injuries so hopefully they will get the shooter soon.
  • @owl_momma holy cow!!! That's pretty intense and scary. I'm glad you and your family are safe. 

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  • @gingerbride26 that's pretty hilarious, though definitely not in the moment. DH talks in his sleep when he's been drinking, one of the many reasons he doesn't seem to care about that keep me from sleeping when he over drinks, and is impossible to get to shut up once he starts because he's still asleep. Once I told him to roll the eff over and he sat up in bed, flipped me off with both hands for a solid 2 minutes and then went back to sleep in the same position snoring. Oi. Any idea what's causing the sleep talking? that's a weird thing to randomly happen.
  • The world is a TW, but I think its really my mentality today that is causing the problem. I posted in mental health that I did a good job not spiraling yesterday and I think I am just doing it extra hard today to make up. I feel like DH is being such a downer about having two kids. Like he woke up and just thought that our lives were going to be over because two kids are happening, and its come into multiple discussions today and he and I have barely spoken, and its really bringing me down. He said I couldn't do a 4 mile race in late october (I would mostly walk it) at a brewery because "$40 is really too much to spend when we are in catch up mode" and "trying to schedule two kids would be so hard." He also mentioned we shouldn't look into running a restaurant with friends this year because "having two kids would make it too hard" and that we won't even be doing short term travel for years because "having two kids will make it too hard" and that "He knows i think that I can't work with two kids because of daycare being too expensive but maybe I should apply to stuff and just think of it as an investment in our future?" I'm trying to be like, well maybe he is just in a bad mood or something, but all his poo pooing of having any semblence of a normal life after two kids is insane...we don't have 7 kids. we will have two. It's like the avg number of kids per family. Which means most people can do this. I'm not saying it won't be stressful but for fox sake, stop making it sound like our lives are ending! 

    Sorry for the book guys. I think he might be the twat.
  • @smashjam I'm sorry he's being like that, that would drive me crazy too. Yes, having more than one child is definitely more of a financial burden, but I think in the long run it's not as bad as it looks on paper. Hopefully he will forget all about this once you have the baby and you will get to do your race! Can you put the $40 aside now for the race and then you will have it when the time comes?
  • My TW is my sweet sweet boy who helped himself to my Costco macarons...
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  • @SmashJam he sure thought it was hilarious this morning :-P luckily I have trouble staying mad at him and 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep helped my mood greatly! I'm starting to think he really has sleep apnea like his dad, or there's some stresser he's not telling me about - he's always slept like a rock but he's up every hour with me these days.  Got a new pillow and it's not that throat death rattle sound any more, but he's still mouth breathing hard just more quietly...hope he mentioned it at his physical this morning...
    That sucks about DH being a downer.  I think the running a restaurant is an investment in your future... I mean i freak out about 2 kids sometimes too but cheer myself that they don't outnumber us yet (sorry to TTM+). Sounds like he's spiraling!  I hear you on making up for good MH days...I tend to break down on Thursdays after being so positive at therapy on Wednesdays lol.
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  • @SmashJam I’m sorry he’s being such a downer. Sure, two kids are more expensive but over time I think of it more as a lifestyle change than a financial burden. I hope he stops feeling so overwhelmed and taking it out on you. It’s still important to do things for yourself, and $40 wouldn’t be all that hard to budget for this far in advance. What kind of restaurant are you thinking about? That’s one thing I halfway agree on lol. My DH runs an outback, and even though he has a great staff he still works every single day with terrible hours which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Depending on the concept and pace, it could totally be a good move for your future but it would be a huge time time/money/energy suck, especially the first year or so. 
  • @acunamatada its a sandwich/pizza restaurant in a small town near us that we used to live in...already established, great customer base, etc. I don't know in what capacity we would be involved because it hasn't officially gone on the market but diff options have been floated, from 50/50 on the purchase and running to one person putting down all the capital and the other running for a certain period of time as their part of getting it up and going. I'm not sure how it would work yet but he's always the one telling me I'm a downer and now he is.

    As far as the race goes, I feel like he's getting back at me for something monetarily and I haven't figured out what yet. It's not my fault that literally is only hobby is drinking beer and staring at walls and I jump up his ass about spending money on that mostly because his "hobby" encroaches on MY sleep and he chooses to engage in his hobby all at once-he's not a 2 beers a day kind of person he's a, only drink on the weekends but have 6-8 16 oz 8% beers at a time and not eat kind of person. He also might be getting back at me because I asked him about the race and two of our married friends are doing it together, plus another friend, and then me, and he would be the only one not doing I said, "Oh, ____ asked you to do it too, but I said you had no interest in physical activity." Which is TRUE, but might have hurt his feelings so he hurt me back. I dunno if he's really down about the money aspect of a second kid, but the logistics of having a second kid and ever having two of them at the same time alone that scares him-as if he chooses not to do the race, he would be watching them both alone for the 45-60 min it would take me to run/walk it. 

    Who knows. I am feeling better just taking all my plants outside and having to smile and talk to DS like I'm not annoyed has magically made me not annoyed, lol. 
  • @SmashJam ooh that sounds fun! And yummy.. Restaurants are a lot of work, but if it’s not just one or two of you taking on the work of getting it in a good place it could totally be doable. Sounds like he’s being a passive aggressive stick in the mud like you said, I hope he gets over himself and you get to do the race. Like he can’t handle two kids for an hour alone  :D
  • wildtotwildtot member
    DH ended being the TW last night. I had been telling him all day how tired and uncomfortable I’ve been all day. Apparently within minutes of going to bed i started snoring (i normally don’t). This man has the nerve to wake me to tell me i was snoring. LET ME SLEEP!!! It was hard falling back to sleep because i once again because aware of my discomfort. This man has the nerve after the many nights he hasn’t let me sleep. Took some Tylenol and managed to get a bit of rest and relief.
  • @wildtot ugh! Rage!! I’m sorry 

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