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Acid Reflux, gas, grunting, congestion

nancysimpnancysimp member
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Hi all,

I've posted in a couple of places that my babe, Massimo, is congested at night. I use nosefrida and saline, burp him after he feeds, I have a humidifier with a cool mist, raised his bassinet near his head a bit (but he ended up at the other end of bassinet one night so that freaked me out).etc. 

Tonight, after 2 hours of sleep, his noises woke me up..I took him out of his swaddle and I found him curled up, head tilted back with spit up coming out...choking. I yelled at my husband and we got the spit out, put him on my DH arm belly down and patted his back to get him to spit or burp, undressed him, used nosefrida and "burped" him some more. He was breathing and kinda crying the whole time so that kept us sane. This was really freaky!! I have never been so scared in my life. He is better now and fed....I burped him a few times between his feed because I'm so scared.

I have him sleeping on his tummy at this moment because he is lying on my chest. I don't want to move until it is time to get up. Poor baby. Any other moms dealing with this? I think this is reflux and will be going to the doctor. I'm wondering if the doctor will suggest sleeping on his side vs back. I don't want to see that happen again!

Re: Acid Reflux, gas, grunting, congestion

  • @nancysimp we have the congestion thing going on too. He gagged up spit up and mucus the other night and it was stuck in is mouth but freaked me out- it was before we went to bed though. Last night he slept on my chest on his back so his head was slightly raised. 
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  • @megpeg I think he will sleep with me tonight. I ended up putting him in bed against me on his side...and fed him there when he woke up. So freaked out. His face was red and his eyes were big. What a panic I had. 

    Hope this mucus stage goes away soon. He doesn't have a cold.
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  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @nancysimp - I’m a TTM and all three have been different.

    #1 - had acid reflux.  She would literally throw up exorcist style if placed on her back.  She also had poor weight gain.  She also would arch her back during feeds and look generally in pain.  She was put on Zantac and that helped tremendously.  She had to sleep propped up and mostly in my arms for the first few months until it got a little better with medicine.  

    #2 - was a noisy breather and spit up a lot as well. We tried Zantac per pedi Initial dx as acid reflux.  I wasn’t convinced because he did not present like my daughter.  He was gaining weight and didn’t appear to be in pain during feeding.  When he spit up. It didn’t have the smell hers did and looked like he wasn’t bothered by it.  His turned out to be allergies/food intolerances for his first 2 years.  I had to go on an elimination diet and over time try to add things in.  He ended up being dairy, oat, and berry free for up to 2 years.  

    #3 - babe is 5 weeks.  He’s a my nosiest breather.  He does snore but a lot of noises sound more like from his throat.  He has nothing in his nose.  He spits up too,  but it doesn’t appear to bother him and he doesn’t seem in pain.  I’m also frequently feeding him to try and clear breast milk jaundice that he currently has that we haven’t been able to resolve.  

    Do you have a rock n play?  What about placing him in that to keep him inclined when sleeping.  I’ve used it for both my sons and it’s been a lifesaver. Have you talked to your doctor?  All three of mine have had their own separate issues which has been challenging because I’m always dealing with new things one had that the others didn’t.  I’m getting used to the noisy breathing and get nervous when I wake or don’t hear him now but either was it’s scary and nerve wracking especially at nighttime.  
  • @mmom3 thank you for sharing your experiences! He did the scary position (head tilted back and body curled) twice since birth...during the night. He is 5 weeks this Thurs. He doesn't do this during feeds...he seems normal during the day. Will be telling my doctor! I don't want to neglect reflux.
  • mmom3mmom3 member
     @nancysimp - you’re welcome.  Hopefully you guys can get this figured out soon!
  • So I'm sitting with babe against my chest hoping his tummy feels better before I put him in his bassinet. I'm certain he's got reflux. poor baby.
  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @nancysimp - aww poor babe. Keeping upright 20 minutes after every feed helped as well.  Is he able to goto sleep on you?
  • @mmom3 yes, he manages to fall asleep on my chest and I wait about 10-15 mins to put him down. He grunts at me btw. lol
  • @nancysimp mine is a grunter too. He does it to go to sleep and while he’s waking up.
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  • mmom3mmom3 member
    Mine is a big grunter too!  
  • nancysimpnancysimp member
    edited April 2018
    I just read on the bump about different feeding positions. I forgot about the laying back one...I tried it from memory of what I read a long time ago, but I was lying completely back and it didn't work. Now I see I need to put pillows behind my back or be on a rocking chair so I'm tilted back a bit. The article said this position is good for reflux. I will try this when he wakes up soon for a feed.

    What positions work best for feeding your little dears with reflux? The article mentions the laying back and also a koala position but I think my babe is too small for that.
  • @nancysimp would you try a chiropractor for him? My DH sees a lot of babies for reflux and it usually helps right away.
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  • Hi @megpeg what does the chiropractor do? I would never think of that. 
  • Just because of all the trauma from birth things can be misaligned and cause reflux. If you have a chiropractor you normally go to talk to them about it. I can’t say how they would adjust him because doctors tend to do things differently. 
     My husband does the first adjustment by hanging them upside down by their feet and they adjust themselves through their mid and lower back by twisting their own body(its really cool that they just know to do it.) then does their neck. 
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  • Trying out the "laying back" position. Not easy during the night. Not sure if he's too small for this position. It's a bit painful for me too...but if it helps with the reflux I will do this. Zzzz
  • @mmom3

    I wrote a message in the sleep help thread about the rock and play. My babe is sleeping so nicely in it :) but I'm reading now about safety to sleep in there and everything I find says it's not safe. Maybe I should ask my doctor?.. I hope it is fine because he seems to be so comfy in there. 
  • Didn't sleep last night. Even in the RnP makes noises as if he is trying to clear his throat or something. So tired. 
  • Have you gotten him checked for a milk protein intolerance? It’s very easy to check, just take his next poopy diaper to the pediatrician to check for blood in his stool (it can be microscopic). 
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  • mmom3mmom3 member
    @nancysimp - both my boys are very nosy sleepers.  Have you taken video for pediatrician?  I did for my first son who was dx with something called tracheomalcia - a soft windpipe.  He seems to have since grown out of it now at 3.  However, Charlie is super noisy too and going to be videoing his noises while sleeping and bringing up next week at his 2 month check up.  Charlie is noisy whether he’s flat, propped up in rock and play, or even upright on my chest.  They do vary in loudness/pitch.  
  • Thanks ladies. I will bring a poopy diaper to the doctor and tape his night time noises.

    Side note: I noticed that he squirms about 6 minutes after he is breastfed...and I've learned that he needs a burp when he does that and then he feels better. He also looks like he's in pain when he tries to poo lately, throws his arms around a bit...not sure if its pain or he's just tired. Lastly I noticed that his urine smells, and he cries when he has a wet diaper (not during). I wasn't able to smell it a week ago. He doesn't have a fever, he is eating well, and is hydrated.

    Is this all normal? Am I being too anxious or would you go to the doctor too? I will call them in the AM.
  • @nancysimp I think the urine smelling is just them getting older. And I also think the poop thing is ok too but if it would make you feel more comfortable to call the office call. 
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  • Thanks @megpeg
    He is 7 weeks today....I do hope its normal to smell his urine already. I don't think its a UTI per google..he doesn't have a fever. Ugh I'm a paranoid mama. Lol
  • @nancysimp sometimes my LO gets upset when she’s gassy or trying to poop. I thought it might be because she doesn’t understand the sensation (she’s only 4 weeks) plus it’s probably uncomfortable. My heart goes out to you because it’s sad to watch and not be able to figure how to help. That’s a great idea of taping the breathing while sleeping. It’s hard to explain what it sounds like. 
    Hope the doctor is able to give you some answers. 
  • We had almost the same situation, that was a very scary night for us...
    We went to our doctor and he said that mucus stuck in his throat (he spat it out). My son was diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux... We didn't have a humidifier in our room at that time, so we had to buy it. Doc said that for better sleep (and breath) we can buy a cool mist one. I think this and the right meds helped my son to get cured and recover after this disease.
    I wish your little one is OK now.
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