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anyone dealing with sciatica right now? I’m 18 weeks and it’s pretty bad. I can be walking and almost collapse in pain. Right now just icing, hot bath, Tylenol and stretching. Not sure what else i can do for this. I’m sure massage would be helpful. 

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  • Yep, I’m 21 weeks and have had it for weeks. My OB suggested a donut pillow and also said it will probably get worse. I haven’t really tried to remedy it yet other than less sitting and more walking.
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  • Not this pregnancy but I did without dD. I actually did some PT and chiropractic. The chiropractor gave me so movement modifications and it really helped. I also ended up getting trigger point injections for the pain. I hope you find something that works well for you because sciatica is not fun. 
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  • Thanks @BostonBaby1 maybe I need to go see a chiropractor. It’s getting worse. I never had this with any of my other three pregnancies sooooo this is new!! I appreciate your ideas, I’ll make an appt with my chiro!
  • Thanks @yosemite2018 I see my OB on May 2, I’m going to bring it up to her. Tylenol helped today but it wore off and pain is back. I sleep w two big pillows between my legs, but walking almost makes me drop to the ground the pain is so bad sometimes. I also read it could be something called pelvic girdle pain? Bc I do experience sharp pain in perineal area sometimes too, I always just call that lightening crotch lol but maybe it was this? Who knows. 
  • @Brieb33 I have a prior history of back injury but have also experienced some sciatica this pregnancy. I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor and a PT. Your OB unfortunately really doesn't have the expertise in this area. For example, a donut pillow is really only helpful if you are having cocyx (tailbone pain). It won't do anything for sciatica. A chiropractor visit really helped me recently. He adjusted me and gave me some stretches for home. 
  • I had a flare up when I was still seeing my acupuncturist every week so I had him add a few needles to deal with it and I haven't had an issue since. Chiro is also a great way to help it. I hope you find relief soon!

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  • I'm so sorry! That's so painful! I experienced it for the very first time last week (week 20). I asked the doctor yesterday if there were any stretches I could do to alleviate and/or prevent it. She suggested going into the kitchen and facing the counter. Put my hands on the edge of the counter. Put all my weight on the counter. Then arch my back inward (i.e. belly comes closer to the counter), then arch your back out.  If you're into yoga- basically it is cat-cow but in a standing position using the counter for  support. I haven't had any issues since last week, but I've always enjoyed that type of stretch just for regular back pain. So I'm very hopeful that it will help! 
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  • I was dealing with this a few weeks ago and a chiropractor really improved it for me!
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    I get terrible sciatica during pregnancy. Physical therapy and chiropractics have been huge life savers. Prenatal yoga can be very beneficial for helping stretch out the surrounding muscles and releasing tension as well. This is from one of the least flexible people on earth ;) also baths with epsom salt I have found can help take the edge off. When the pain is really bad rolling on a tennis or lacrosse ball can help pinpoint the tension and help release it but it hurts like a mofo.
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  • Thank you everyone! I got a massage today, and she beat me up, but she said i had very tight muscles in my gluteal muscles. It feels so much better now, I just need to see her every week now. Haha yah right, I wish!! I will do those stretches and i really need to get back into yoga!
  • @Brieb33 I have tight glutes (and hips and hamstrings) as well. Yoga definitely helps. Also, try a foam roller!
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