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April Benchwarmers

1. Introduce yourself if new
2. What brings you to the bench? 
3. Are you looking forward to Spring? Why or why not?

Re: April Benchwarmers

  • 1. Not new, been on the bench for the last two months.
    2. Waiting to finish all our tests/procedures with our RE office, which we actually finished today!! Just waiting on the results of one more blood test. If we get the all clear on that then we are free to try on our own for a few more months before moving on to IVF.
    3. Cannot wait for Spring!!! I need the weather to be warm and stay warm and just hope it will bring with it new and good things! 
  • 1. Only benched one cycle, CD13 today. 
    2. Husband is out of town, he comes back on Sunday and I'm predicted to O Friday. Technically I guess I could have a late O-day and not be benched, but I doubt it since I'm pretty regular. 
    3. I want spring to be here yesterday! This winter was especially hard. It's slowly getting warmer and there are buds on the trees now, but this week will be super rainy. Getting impatient! 
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  • @grebretso here’s hoping you O late! 
  • 1. I’m new :smile: I’m Jeannie. 
    2. I’m benched after a miscarriage; a week ago. Doc says wait one cycle before trying again :disappointed:
    3. I’m ready for spring; Winter just kills me. I want to start walking outside again! 
  • @catmomma223 welcome and I’m sorry for your loss!
  • 1. I’m new! I’m Camille. I have three children and one angel baby. 
    2. I don’t know if I’m on the bench or not. After an unexplained miscarriage and d&c in December my cycle is all over the place. I thought I had a positive OPK on cd21 but had no changes in CM. Now I’m on cd29 and had 2 days of positive OPKs on cd27 and 28... no EWCM. No idea what’s going on! I’m kind of just waiting for AF so I can start temping next cycle. 
    3. It’s already spring here and the weather has been amaaaazing, I love it. The pollen however does not love me :( 
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  • 1. Hi Im Jordan! One lost baby.
    2. Been here for coming up 3 months now post my miscarriage, laparoscopy and d&c Jan 10th. We have been wanting to try since but I am still spotting 3 months later and doing 10 days on northisterone to try regulate things. So hopefully properly trying from next week!
    3. Im in New Zealand so we are in fall coming into winter
  • Hi @catmomma223, @mamatomp and @mumtobe2018! I'm sorry for your losses and I hope the bench stay is short for all of you! 

    AFM, got a positive OPK today. Yep, I'm still doing OPK's even though I'm on the bench, I just want to know where I'm at. My OPK last night was aaalmost positive and todays is a very strong positive, I also have EWCM so I'm pretty sure O is happening tomorrow. I was hoping it would be late this month so we'd have a chance to BD, but I'm also kind of glad it's right on schedule. Makes it easier to plan TTC if I know what to expect. 
  • 1. Hello ladies, I'm Melissa, I'm new. I have 2 babies and one angel baby.
    2. Miscarraige last month, Waiting a cycle before ttc again.
    3. I cannot wait for spring,  winter blues along with my loss are taking it's toll.

    Also having a hard time locating some of the abbreviations used in this board in the dictionary.  I'm sure I will catch up though. ❤
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  • 1. Hello, everyone. I'm Maria.
    2. Blighted ovum at 8 weeks, natural miscarriage a few hours before D&C, three weeks ago. I'm waiting for first AF after procedure. I also have some tests pending, which I will take next week.
    3. Spring is already here, it's been a bit rainy though (I live in Mexico City, where spring is the hottest time of the year)

    Nice to meet you all, and I'm sorry for your losses.
  • 1. Hi, I am Holly, I am sort of new, I have posted on and off on this board for the last few months.  I had my most recent miscarriage in August, I had a 2nd trimester and a possible CP between the having my 2 children 6 years ago. 
    2.  I had a MMC in August, in September, I found out if was molar, in October, found out if was most likely cancerous.  I was benched until March, was unbenched for 1 cycle, and now I have to have my tonsils removed in 2.5 weeks because 1 is enlarged.  I will hopefully only be benched this cycle, it depends how long it takes (and what the results are) of my pathology.  I am pretty sure I am ovulating right now though, which is really early, so I am worried I am going to O early next month before the pathology is back, so I may be benched then too.
    3.  I am really looking forward to spring.  I generally enjoy winter, but I am done.  

    @missamiissssaa, I keep hoping that spring, and nicer weather will help me feel better.  I was able to be outside a while today and I noticed I am in a better mood than I have been for a while.

    Me: 30 DH:32

    DD 3/11  

    MMC 2/12

    DS 1/13

    TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

  • 1. Introduce yourself if new: New to the bench, but not TTCAL. 4 early losses, TTC 3+ years. 
    2. What brings you to the bench? D&C last week on Thursday.
    3. Are you looking forward to Spring? Why or why not? It’s already Spring here! The next two days are actually going to be really warm (96 degrees), but then we cool back down and it’s lovely here in Arizona this time of year!

    @char245 Hope you get the all clear to move forward!
    @mamatomp It’s Spring here, too, and my allergies are already acting up. Ugh.
    @holly321 Hope your pathology results are speedy, give you good news and good timing!
  • @cassafrass15 thanks! I have officially been cleared! Just waiting for AF and then we can start trying again!
  • edited April 2018
    Hi there, I'm new. I am Kathryn. Always found such great hope and help on the infertility boards, and now i find myself here. 

    I have 3 year old twins from IVF and FET, just had a MC March 29th from a Feb FET. 

    I am on the bench as I wait for AF. Working with my acupuncturist sooooo much to help regulate everything and really hoping AF comes closer to 4 weeks than 6, but as of last week my HCG was still at 407 ( it was way over 14,000 before i MC) . OB says we can try after my first period, the RE says I should have 4 cycles before my next FET. So I guess we will try the old fashioned way in the mean time. Just ready to move on....

    It all of a sudden was summer here in southern California. I would like spring back please

    Married 2010

    TTC Sept 2012

    Clomid with TI Jan, Feb Mar 2013 - All BFN

    IUI #1-3, Aug, Sept, Oct 2014 - All BFN

    IVF #1 ER 2/19/14, 34R, 33F, 21 on ice, Freeze All

    FET #1 4/11/14, Beta on 4/22

    Beta #1 1238, Beta #2 - 4000 - BFP 

    Twin Girls Born 11/25/14

  • Not TTC related but @cassafrass15 and @KathrynShustek I will trade you the early summer temps for all of this cold and snow in the Midwest. I am OVER it!
  • Okay so, if this had been a ttc cycle I would have completely symptom spotted myself into thinking I’m pg at this point, even though I’m only 5dpo which is too early for symptoms anyway. I have sore boobs, nausea, I’m bloated and fatigued. I’m kind of glad I had a month on the bench and I know for a fact I’m not pg. It’s totally possible and normal to have “symptoms” for no reason. I guess I’m writing this to my future self who will be ss like crazy. Future self: symptoms mean nothing, get over it!
  • @char245 Yay for being (almost) off of the bench!
    @KathrynShustek Welcome, and I’m sorry for your loss. And omg I feel you on the summer temps - it’s too early!
    @BuckeyeNut05 I’ll send you some warm vibes from here in the Southwest! FX ya’ll see a warming trend soon. 
  •  1. I can't remember if I introduced myself. I was part of Sept 18 bmb, but lost a little girl due to an extra set of chromosomes. I like cooking and weaving.

    2. I'm benched for 2 reasons, the first being my husband isn't ready to start trying yet, and the second is that I haven't ovulated or had a period since my miscarriage. I took a pregnancy test a couple days ago and it popped pretty quickly so apparently the hcg has not gone down yet. :( So frustrating....

    3. I guess. I'm looking forward to some better weather and hopefully sunshine. 
  • 1.  Hi board, first time posting here after spending most time on the Infertility board (but have been lurking). I completed my first IVF cycle in January with a fresh transfer. I heard a HB at week 7, but learned of MMC at week 9. It was my first pregnancy ever and first loss.  Had D&C at beginning of March and subsequent testing was inconclusive (tested normal female but unclear if they tested my own cells).  have tested my HCG down to zero over 5 weeks. I had what I thought was a short period during that time so my doc put me back on BCP bc of my PCOS and irregular cycles and will be in the pill for another week. 

    2. I’m benched for about another week but then will begin a medicated protocol for my first FET. I have five blasts on ice which are untested. Plan to transfer one in mid-may. Excited to get back in the saddle but Feeling pretty pretty removed about going through all the steps and stages again when I know it could end the same as last time. 

    3.  I live in Vegas so I hope spring stays as long as possible bc then it’s going to be balls hot for thee months!
    me: 37 dh: 42; TTC since Jan 2016
    dx: PCOS, low progesterone; 2 MMC
    Sept FET 2018 Spreadsheet
    3 failed IUIs (clomid + ovidrel), unresponsive to femara
    Jan 2 2018 - 1st IVF cycle - 9 retrieved, 7 mature/fertilized, 1 5d transfer + 5 untested snowbabies
    Jan 19 2018 - Fresh Transfer #1 one 5dt; BFP 1/25/2018; EDD 10/7/2018; MMC at 8w3d; D&C 3/6/2018
    May 16 2018 - FET #1 one 5dt; BFP with 4 betas (6.5, 24.3, 165.5, 2250) - EDD 2/1/2019; MMC at 6w; D&C 6/20/18
    Sept 17 2018 - FET #2 one 5dt; BFP 38.9 7dpt, 167 9dpt - EDD 6/5/2019  
    (3 untested embryos remain)

  • **lurking**

    Hi @northbeach3! So sorry that you have to be here. I hope your FET prep goes smoothly and your next transfer gives you your rainbow baby. Mid-May will be here before you know it! 
    Me: 35 I DH: 38
    *TW loss and children mentioned*
    DD:2006 | Dx: Unexplained Secondary Infertility | DS: 2011

    TFAS since 2012

    Oct 16: Spontaneous BFP | m/c @ 9w1d (massive SCH) | D&C
    Apr 17: IUI #1 = BFN
    May 17: IUI #2 = BFN
    Jun 17: IUI #3 = Late BFP (18 DPO) | NMC 17Jul17 @ ~6w
    Aug 17: IUI #4 = Cancelled due to premature ovulation | TI = BFN
    Sep 17: IUI #5 = Cancelled due to overstimulation (10+ follies)
    Nov 17: IVF #1 = Cancelled due to non-IF related health issue | TI = BFN
    Dec 17: IVF #1 = Puregon 200, Menopur 75, Orgalutran, Suprefact trigger due to OHSS risk | 22R, 18M, 16F, 10B frozen  
    Feb 18: FET #1 (medicated) = BFN
    Mar 18: FET #2 (natural cycle) = CP (beta 1: 54; beta 2: 0)
    Apr 18: FET #3 (natural cycle) = cancelled due to missed ovulation
    Apr 18: FET #3 (natural cycle) = BFP! Beta 1: 201  Beta 2: 585 Beta 3: 3254 Beta 4: 9715 U/S 19May - one bean measuring on track with a HB of 125!
    EDD: 07Jan2019 Team Green
    My Rainbow Baby Boy born 03Jan2019 <3 

  • @northbeach3 I am very sorry for your loss. 
  • 1. Hi, I’m new here. I was on the oct and nov birth month boards, but found out at our 11 week appt that baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. 
    2. I had a d&c last week, once my cycle comes back in hopefully 4ish weeks we can start trying again. 
    3. I’m definitely looking forward to spring, I live in the Midwest and am tired of all this snow!
  • 1.  Hi, I’m Meg. I had a MMC in 2014 and then a 2 year old daughter. Dx with my second MMC on March 3rd

    2. Just waiting for this miscarriage to be done and to get a period so we can try again. I was due Nov 6th but had a series of bad appointments (small for gestational age, low heart rate, then no heartbeat at 10w), failed cytotec and then a D&C. I just got a REALLY positive HPT 2.5 weeks post D&C (and there’s no way it’s a new pregnancy) so now I’m waiting for the office to open to start betas and see what happens next. I have a history of placentas not wanting to detach and needing additional interventions so I’m very anxious. 

    3 I’m so ready for spring (it doesn’t seem ready for us yet though). This winter has been unending and I agree it feels tied to my loss—and how freaking long the process has been
  • I’m going to be a benchwarmer for quite some time, I intro’d a couple days ago in another thread. Just had a d&c on Friday and will probably wait a little longer than necessary so I can get myself healthier physically and mentally. Also sooooo ready for spring, but summer might be here before we have any signs of it, lol. Me and DD made a pretty killer snowman in the 15” of snow we got this weekend!

    random question, although I get the gist of it... what do tww and wto stand for?

  • 1) Hi, I'm new(ish) - I was here back in early 2016, but I had a MMC at 9 weeks in July of that year and we decided that we just couldn't emotionally deal with trying again right away... which, between a subsequent new job/kittens/traveling, somehow turned into a year and a half. Being 36, I'm a raging ball of anxiety about preparing to try again.

    2) Less-than-awesome timing has been our enemy - we had decided last fall that we'd start trying again after my big girls' trip with my friends (which was early last month). Of course, the week I was away was the week we should've been trying. Then DH was away at the beginning of this month during the week we should've been trying, aaaaand he's going away again at the end of the month when we should be trying. These were all trips that we planned 6+ months ago, but of course now with them falling where they are in my cycles I'm just like "are you KIDDING me with this". I'm getting so incredibly antsy. It feels like every month that goes by is a year (probably because I'm 36). We're big proponents of taking separate vacations as well as joint ones, but right now I almost wish I could tag along on this trip even though I'm not actually interested in it.

    3) What is this 'spring' of which you speak? I'm pretty sure it's been winter for the past ten months. And rumor has it that, in these parts, the cooler-than-average temperatures will be here for at least another month. I'm about five minutes away from buying sand and a sunlamp online and turning the bathroom into a makeshift beach just to save my sanity.
  • Oh no, I haven't checked in on this thread for a few days and I'm sad to see so many new people here. @KathrynShustek@projectalice, @northbeach3, @aels12, @mwmiller4, @thebobloblaw and @sparklypinkeverything, I'm so sorry for your losses! I hope your bench stays are short and your ttc journeys successful when you're ready to try again. 

    @thebobloblaw, wto stands for "waiting to ovulate", and tww is the "two week wait". There's a link to a glossary overview in the guidelines thread, it's extremely helpful! 
  • Well I guess I’m joining you all here on the bench! I’m not new to this board - I joined back in July when I had MMC at 12 weeks. I’ve been trying to conceive since, most recently with the help of a RE.
    *Potential TW*
    Turns out I did conceive this month but it was really weird. I had what I thought was my period on April 1st. Then went for my midcycle u/s which showed I had already ovulated on the 11th. I wasn’t confused and spotting so I took a test - low and behold it was positive. After several scary days, because I was spotting and had abdominal pain (concern for ectopic), it was determined today that my hcg is trending down so most likely an early miscarriage. This makes my third loss. Feeling a little defeated today. So back to the bench at least until I find out what the next plan is at my RE appointment next week. I’m hoping that since this was more like a chemical pregnancy that we can start TTCing as soon as I get my period. They did say they want to trace hcg back down to 0, which it was 240 today.

    @thebobloblaw Sorry you just had a D&C. I had one back in July. Recovery from that wasn’t too bad, but the emotional recovery was much harder to deal with. Hope things go smoothly for you. 

    @mwmiller4 I guess we are kinda in the same boat - waiting for a miscarriage to be over. Sorry you’re going through all that, yours seems much more complicated than mine. I know that has to be hard to deal with. 
  • 1) Hi everyone. I’m unfortunately not new to TTCAL and just coming back to the group. I have a 2 year old son (Apr ‘16 BMB). We tried to conceive for about 12 months after having him, only to realize we weren’t having success due to breastfeeding. As soon as I weaned him, we got our BFP (July ‘18 BMB) but lost that one with a MMC in December at 7w (found out at 9w). We got another BFP after we were off the bench, but I cautiously didn’t join the Oct ‘18 BMB. Found out on Monday we lost that one too at 10w 4d (I’m 13w now), even though we had two great ultrasounds previously. It was such a shock to lose another in such a short amount of time. I’m scheduled for my D&C tomorrow, but at least I know what to expect. Waiting four days for this procedure in this visibly pregnant body has been agony. I’m looking forward to being able to recover. 
    2) I found great peace last time through the support of some very strong and understanding women on this board. I’m hoping to find some strength from you all as I power through the thick of it. I sat on the bench for two months last time. I’ll probably wait until June or July when my HCG and body have gotten back to normal.
    3) We raise beef cattle. Spring = baby animals. So yes!!!!
  • bigfatgreek I'm sorry to see you're back here again with another loss. 1 loss is devastating enough, let along having multiple losses. I hope your D&C goes smoothly with a quick physical recovery!
  • hi ladies, so sorry so many are here. After more and more research I found there was really no medical reason to truly be on the bench. So DH aren't trying to stop anything, however with my history of IF I high doubt anything will come of it. I am so confused regarding my body though. Everything seems to be all over the place. As I am reading thats the norm after a loss. Thought my CM was fertile, which for me would be an amazing accomplishment but OPK was a neg. I have no idea what is happening. Hope my period just comes soon so that I can at least understand something. 

    Married 2010

    TTC Sept 2012

    Clomid with TI Jan, Feb Mar 2013 - All BFN

    IUI #1-3, Aug, Sept, Oct 2014 - All BFN

    IVF #1 ER 2/19/14, 34R, 33F, 21 on ice, Freeze All

    FET #1 4/11/14, Beta on 4/22

    Beta #1 1238, Beta #2 - 4000 - BFP 

    Twin Girls Born 11/25/14

  • @KathrynShustek **lurking** I had a D&C in March and also found no medical reason to be on the bench. I was alllll over the place until AF though and don't think I ovulated between D&C and first AF. However, I did have AF 29 days after the procedure and am now WTO. I had the best CM about a day or so before I got my positive OPK and am thinking I should O today but CM is more watery/transitional than anything else. I feel like for me the fertile CM happens a bit early in general - I have noticed this about my cycle in the past. Just thought I'd share my experience and wish you the best of luck!
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