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Worst Onesies

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Let’s have some weekend fun! Have you seen baby clothes that make you cringe? Was it inappropriate phrases, too political, against your parenting style, crude, etc?

Share it here!
Descriptions are great, photos are good too.

edit- for credit. forgot to add that I saw this idea on the May 17 BMC. 

Re: Worst Onesies

  • Ok, here’s mine. Photo is from Amazon . com. I don’t like this because breastfeeding is already sexualized by a lot of people and taboo to do publicly in many places still. (In the US at least) Why add to that?

     (I put it in a spoiler because Idk how big the image is, and I’ve never used a spoiler on tb. Just practicing!) 

  • Not sure how to use a spoiler on mobile so hoping this works and isn’t huge...

  • Loading the player...
  • @dogmomma271 eww... for spoilers, you’ll select what you want to hide and then hit the button with the paragraph symbol, looks like a backward PI and select spoiler.

    Here’s mine. I hate any of the ones that sexualize kids. Do not call my kid a chick magnet or comment on how my toddler will be a hottie one day. Ew...

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  • Let’s see how well this works, here’s another one:

  • These are all bad but meggyme yours made me actually cringe.
  • Eww to all these. 

  • Oops did a double spoiler haha. Testing out how it works. 

  • Slut one is the worst IMO so far...

  • Who buys these that there are so many disgusting onesies?!
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  • I know! Scrolling through google I kept wondering if these were just images people make to get other people upset or it they are actually printed and sold. I say bonus points if anyone finds pictures of babies wearing these things!

    Found a few more:

    Future trophy wife feels like something someone actually thought was cute but makes me absolutely crazy to think about putting that on my daughter. 
  • Is it bad I kind of like the “my dad is a mother fucker”? It’s true... I would never buy it but I think it’s funny.
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  • Its less offensive than the others and my DH has a twisted humor like that so he would probably laugh. 

    I may have found my favorite ones ever though:

  • Wow, some of these are terrible. I must not have tried that hard to find one! Lol. I do think the tax write off one is funny.

    My favorite onesie I’ve seen so far was on Etsy and said “worlds okayest baby”. The exact image doesn’t exist anymore, and I don’t like it as much in the other font styles, so no pics. 
  • Oh my gosh, I can't believe people would actually put their children in some of these.  Yuck! 
  • WOW! These are definitely cringeworthy. @meggyme yours made facepalm for sure. I'm off to google terrible onesies now. 

  • Because who doesn't love child abuse jokes?

  • @tjthegoat omg! Who would buy that!!!
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  • *lurking*

    @meggyme yours that says "I'm deeper in your wife..." bothers me more because of the incorrect grammar!! UGH!! Lol

    But seriously...The "my dad is a MFer" and "tax write off" are kind of funny, and I did have a "ladies man" onesie or something with DS, but some of these you all are finding are just HORRIBLE!!! 
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  • @quidditchcapn1120 that first one.... My vag hurts just reading that.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @meggyme Right?  And I really don't want people thinking of my or anyone else's vagina when looking at a baby... ew.
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