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  • My confession- my bedroom and bathroom are filthy. Like not quite hardcore Hoarders filthy, but sadly too close for comfort. It's icky. I keep the kitchen, living room, hall bath, and baby's room clean, not perfect, but clean enough to not be embarrassing. My room though? No :'( I'm just too tired. I care, just not enough to find the energy to do something about it. It's so bad.

    Also I had company over today and it dawned on me hours after they left that I never brushed my teeth. Doh. At least I showered?
  • southernlady07 I haven't been avoiding coffee but I don't want it right now. All I want is soda. Soda every day. And I am not a soda drinker. 
  • smsaulino  Mayo is my life right now and I don't want to admit how much I eat ...
  • @BostonBaby1 yay for a new car! What did you get? The Honda Odyssey? 
  • @BostonBaby1 yay for a new car! What did you get? The Honda Odyssey? 
    Hahahaha. No. Laughing because I had to google that to see what it was. I’m not a minivan person. We got a second midsize SUV.   
  • @ashh2018, my doctor is, too. She told me cold cuts were fine because the meat has already been cooked. She told me she didn't really care what I ate during the first trimester and encouraged me to try this restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese because I told her that was one of the things I had been craving.
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