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UO (unpopular opinion) Thursday

Let's get this board going again. What's your unpopular opinion(s)? 

Mine- Chelsea Clinton's "She Persisted" book is garbage. I wanted SO bad to like it, but I couldn't even finish reading it. Every celebrity/author thinks they can write a childrens book- kids are little! they like anything! its easy because its pictures! No, most children's picture books suck, and just because someone can write doesn't mean they can write childrens' literature.  

Re: UO (unpopular opinion) Thursday

  • Chick-Fil-A is overrated.
  • Chick fil A is good... but not any better than the other fast food restaurants. 
    Except maybe their sauces.... I love different flavors of sauces!

    I feel slightly inclined to throw out one of the flamed UO just to spice his place up a bit haha but I will refrain.

    I’ll go with... Spring is my least favorite season. The days being longer again is the only perk for me.  It’s warm but too windy to enjoy the warm. Allergies suck and my depression always spikes This time of the year. Plus as a teacher I am always so flipping tired in April and May. 

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  • @dogmomma271 I haven't been to Chick-fil-a, but I was a mostly vegetarian until about 5 years ago

    @JLaVO888 Maybe we need a flamier post to get more traffic? I've been lurking for a bit and thinking of making some other posts, but then I think someone else will, and half a week goes by again with no chit chat on this board. 
  • @JLaVO888 Also exhausted as a teacher, but I think the warmer weather helps me get through the end of the school year! We’re almost to 4th quarter and the end is in sight.

    Another UO: I like Nickelback. I know people joke that all their music sounds the same but a lot of their music is the soundtrack of my high school years!
  • I don’t know if this is an UO or not but I hate current country music. It all sucks and is not even country IMO. Take me back to the 80’s and 90’s with Tammy, Don Williams and Alan Jackson! 
  • @JLaVO888 I don’t like the popular country music, but I like the Outlaw Country station on XM. More classic style country.

    I haven’t managed to come up with a UO today, but I think I accidentally riled up the TTGP ladies on the UO thread there.
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  • *going to check it out* 

  • JLaVO888JLaVO888 member
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    I don’t think you meant anything wrong by your question. I haven’t even tried jumping onto the ttgp board because I’m always so afraid that I’ll say something to upset someone. I feel like it’s such a tight group and it’s hard to be accepted into their community unless you have been there a while.
  • I wish there were two or maybe even three separate TTGP boards.

    one for people just starting the journey

    one for second+ time moms 

    and one for people who have been on the journey for a while.

    I just feel like less feelings would be hurt and more bonding would happen. I feel like I have no official landing place. And I just really don’t want to intro on that board if I could by chance leave soon because I don’t want to hurt anyone. But I also wish I had a community of people I could talk to. 
  • @JLaVO888 if you go on the website there are a ton of boards that aren’t on the app, but most of them are dead. There’s a Trouble TTC and Snarky board! I agree that a TFAS board wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I think the TFAS thread pretty much covered it. Like I said on the TTGP UO, it was all pretty redundant info to the dailies, only you could mention kids.
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  • Yeah I’ve found the other boards too. They are pretty much dead. If I get another few months in to ttc and start getting more serious about temping I may make the jump over to the ttgp board. I’m just intimidated by it I guess. 
  • @JLaVO888 I'm ttc also, and I don't feel like I've been at it long enough or am hardcore enough about it for ttgp board (I'm only on my 4th cycle into it, and I don't temp/use opks to track/verify ovulation). I've lurked the ttgp board for months, and I've learned lot of great ttc information from it. Maybe I just naively think if I officially intro & join then I would be ku & move straight to my bmb after that. (wishful thinking!) 

    Another UO today- this one might not be relatable for ppl outside of Oregon, but I hate when people born in the state of OR judge everyone using umbrellas. It rains here A LOT. But there's this stigma that if you use an umbrella you're from CA (and a lot of insular Oregonians hate Californians more than anything else). Other states probably have similar things? Sometimes I want to use an umbrella so I don't ruin my hair or get my clothes wet! That isn't code for "not from here", and it shouldn't matter even if I was born elsewhere. Sorry, this is turning into larger venting about how much the culture here hates outsiders/people moving to the state. Stuff like "enjoy your visit". I'm over it. Please move to OR if you want to! Lol, it is nice in the summer, but know that if you want to live near Portland, it rains pretty much from Sept-June, and sometimes in July and August too. 
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    @tumbleweed-1 I lurked an participates just a tad when ttc in 2015. Then left right away because I got my BFP and don’t want that to happen again so I just stay away. I’m trying to get through cycle 3 right now so I may be on cycle 4 with you soon! It would be nice to have a cycle buddy. For a while we were doing a TWW/WTO here but I haven’t noticed it in a bit. I’ll start it up again if it’s okay to do so. 

    ETA: I live in NM... I own an umbrella and never used it a day in my life.
  • @JLaVO888 I’d participate in a WTO/TWW board. I don’t think botb needs both, since many of us aren’t tcc right now. A combined one would be nice. I don’t know anyone else in real life who is ttc that I can talk to about it.

    *pregnancy related TW* Well, The longer story is, I was ttc with one of my best friends, but she got her bfp a few weeks ago. I’m super excited for her, but it does sting a little.*end TW* 
  • @tumbleweed-1 Yeah I’m sure it’s hard having the mixed emotions. FX yours will be coming soon too. 
  • @JLaVO888 thanks! You too 
  • I started on the TTGP board a few months ago even though we weren’t trying yet, mostly because this board was pretty dead. I mostly stuck to the randoms and other fun threads to meet new people. *tw prev preg* last time I was only there 2 months before getting my bfp and leaving for my bmb *end tw* the chit chat board is another that has been resurrected where people from all areas of the bump have been interacting.

    I don’t truly start TTC until next month, but I’d be interested in a TTC thread here.
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  • Since we are not temping or anything yet I feel like I fall here a bit better. More of the just going with it plan right now.
  • There are some people on TTGP that aren't temping, but I understand that it doesn't give you much info to update every day.
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  • I’m not even opking it. May start this next cycle though. Mostly just checking CM.
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