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The great TMI thread w/o 4/3

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Re: The great TMI thread w/o 4/3

  • Maybe this should go in bitchfest but I have a giant hemorrhoid that’s so annoying and sore. I’m really hoping that my doctor can give me something for it this week. 
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  • I guess this is a partial TMI, partial question for those who have more experience. So I know breast changes happen, mine have definitely gotten bigger, fuller, and heavier. Fortunately the all over aches and nipple tenderness seems to have subsided for the most part, it's more tolerable now. Jogging is still out of the question, though. =P

    But my nipples/areolas are strange now, and I'm not sure if it's normal, or something I should ask my OB about. Before when they'd get cold or aroused, just the nipple and a little bit of the areola would harden and evert. But now the whole areola gets hard, everts, and it is so firm that it's almost uncomfortable. It's so large, I can't imagine it fitting in a newborn's mouth, and so firm I can't imagine any sort of latch being able to be achieved. So I'm not sure what exactly is going on. Does any of that sound like it's in the realm of normal breast changes for a FTM?  :#
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  • @neeraja_k yeah, I had to bust out the nursing pads because my nipples were so prominent in my Easter dress. 
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  • @neeraja_k mine get so huge! And they definitely don’t fit in little babes mouth. Just as long as they get a good latch you’re fine :)

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  • +1 for sweating a lot. And having to lift my boobs to dry them off. 
  • +1 for lifting boobs to dry them! Going to have to bust out the baby powder when it gets hotter. I was a C before getting pregnant and I really need to get measured for new bras. 

  • Ugh I hate it when my boobs rest on my stomach!!! I end up tightening the straps, then feel like my chin is resting on my boobs, lol!!!
  • As another member of the IBTC, this boob stuff is soooo weird. I basically never take this soft padded sports bra off. Lately when I sneeze it's like lightning going through my boobs, like it's going to shoot out my nipples. (Actually, that would be a cool superpower.) It's really wild to me that they can rest on another part of my body. That's definitely a new sensation. But they just look weird to me now. DH assures me he is still a fan. 
  • Seriously with the boob sweat.  I am normally a 36DD but with both pregnancies I've become a 40G+.  The boobs are definitely sitting on the belly and by the end of the day it doesn't smell great in all those crevices.  And we still have months to go!  And I literally live on the sun.   
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    Is anyone else having issues with chaffing in their leg crease? 

    ETA: I have been stealing H's briefs all week to help it not rub/irritate more. 

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  • @princesslockness Yes me! And it's so uncomfortable. To be honest, I'm not even sure what to do about it. Switch to all cotton underwear? Use some sort of powder after showering?
  • @melbel0824 I have no idea. I'm just using the briefs to keep skin from irritating skin. No idea how to stop it. 

    Formerly known as Kate08young
    August '18 Siggy April Showers:

    Me: 28 H: 24
    Married: 7/22/14
    Baby L: 8/4/2015  August 2015 Moms
    Baby E: 11/18/2016   December 2016 Moms
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    @princesslockness If you have chafing, anywhere, this product is a miracle. My husband even uses it when his bits get irritated rubbing skin-to-skin during the sweaty summer months. I've used it under my breasts when a bra rubbed me raw, to my inner thighs/groin, to even my rear after my colonoscopy when it was all irritated and sore. 

    I can't wear synthetic underwear anymore. Too many yeast infections and skin fungal infections in the past. Once I switched to all cotton panties, I've never had another problem. I had to wear some slinky satin panties once under my dress pants for a special occasion, as they had no seams that would show, and I was a sweaty, itchy mess...I couldn't wait to get home and take the damn things off. heh
  • Team huge boobs. I can't wear any clingy form fitting maternity shirts because boobs. So much boobs. I prefer the circus tent variety of maternity wear.
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  • I’m going to have to return a dress I ordered from loft because of boobs. I was so annoyed. 
  • My husband is in construction and the hot months are awful for chafing. He swears by this.

    We can buy at Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. So I think it’s pretty widely available. I’ve used it for running and it’s as good as any of the fancy made for running products. 
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  • The antibiotics I'm on for my sinus infection are even better than Colace! I experienced "chub rub" between my thighs for the first time while wearing a dress last week. My mom mentioned that I was waddling by the end of the day. Would those products help with that? 
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  • @derbysquirrel I wear skimmies underneath when I wear a dress or skirt so I don’t get the rub. They are so comfortable and keep everything from rubbing. 
  • This baby is kicking me in the vagina and also whenever it does a big roll or kicks my intestines? I have to fart. I haven't had gas this whole pregnancy until this week, and its only with baby kicks. Hubby is not amused and is like "let me guess its the baby's fault again" IT IS!
  • @hannerbananers what!!! That's wild about the anti chafing stuff! I have a sample of some super spendy primer (can't remember which brand) and I was like "this feels so familiar!!" Now I know why! I love the anti Chaf for my bikini line after I shave. 

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