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  • The first SATC movie gets me all warm and fuzzy.  I love it.  The second sucks.

    Agree about FB!  The organization is just so much better, and I hesitate and censor myself from oversharing here.
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  • @Amphibious22 I introduced my 5yo to the Fellowship and all she came away with was that the maintenance men that took our trees are Orcs rofl
  • @May14th2011 :D :D that's amazing! 
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  • Sounds lIke FB is a popular opinion, heh heh..

    I would need to try to be brave enough to join you ladies (which is silly since I'm part of several other large Facebook groups so not sure why this is different....)
    We are so excited to grow our family!
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  • More of a FFTC but I’ve never seen more than 15 mins of any LOTR/Hobbit movie. 
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  • @dinodna3 I've never been able to stay awake for more than 15 minutes of LOTRs/Hobbit! And they're MH favorite so I've tried....just.so.boring...
  • +1 To facebook...at anytime. I can't stand TB and find it really hard to keep up.

    Also +1 To cats being assholes...i had a cat that legit would try to trip me going up/down the stairs

    I don't really have an OU...at least one I can think of 
  • +1 to Facebook whenever.  I struggle with keeping up in here! I do try to catch up but always feel it’s too late to post once I do!
  • I love the LOTR movies but haven't seen more than a few minutes of the Hobbit movies, oops. We tried the first one, in the theater when DD was 2 weeks old, but I don't remember any of it. She was bf'ing, I couldn't concentrate, it was a terrible time to go see a movie lol.
  • @elsie42 there's actually a chance that this baby will end up looking a little hobbit-y and I'm super hoping he does!! 

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  • +1 to Facebook whenever...I know this may be hard to believe in 2018, but I don't have a personal computer (by choice and mostly laziness to replace mine that broke 2 years ago) and sometimes doing things on this app can be a little (lot) annoying 
  • @momac1919 I just got another laptop for Christmas this year. I was solely mobile or iPad for 1.5yrs because my laptop died and we were to lazy to replace it. DH would just use his work computer if he needed it. 
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  • stephcat421stephcat421
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    @MAY14TH2011 DH and I are huge LOTR fans, kind of in a creepy can reference every line from any movie and know the movie and which scene.... Anyways, Hobbit is just OK. IMO they totally missed the mark tying the two series together with the most crucial theme-how Bilbo found the ring! The way we know it in LOTR is totally undone in the Hobbit.... They lost my allegiance there :D

    @momac1919 I'm strictly an app user, while I agree it is clunky I've found some pretty good workarounds for getting around! I will say the back arrow especially when you follow a link out of TB typically does require me to close the app and come back in though.  :(
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. We use DH work laptop if we really need one for something, otherwise I just use my iPad and phone because until DD is old enough to need one for school I truly have no desire to sit at a computer after being by one all day at work 
  • Y’all I’ve had my Mac book pro since 2009. It’s never died or required anything for maintenance/repairs other than software updates. Not sure of the popularity on that but Macs FTW. 
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  • I think I turn on my laptop at home 1-2 per month (unless I have to work).  I never use it.  I remember the days where I ALWAYS used it (pre-iphones).
  • Wow guys. My laptop is from 2017, and I use it every day.  :p
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    Yeah my laptop took a shit a few years ago and I never bothered to replace it. DH’s only gets powered on when I have to do his billing. 
    I used to not be able to live without that thing. Hello, iPhones.

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  • Omg the back arrow sucks in the app. I hate it so much. 
    this is probably a true UO, but I didn’t last long in my last BMC FB group. I loved talking to everyone and also started getting creeped out when real names and pictures were involved. I eventually just ghosted out.
  • @pupsicle23 what creeped you out? how quickly did you guys move to FB?

  • @marcus7676. It was after babies were born. Idk, things just got very personal very quickly. People were posting pictures of babies, where they lived and what outings they were taking, full names, etc. I participated, but didn’t even share dd’s full name or any pictures of her. Then, this one person who never shared pictures but had been really active on the boards, started posting about her kid doing things (like talking) that 2 month olds def did not do, and I decided she was fake and it was time to go. 
  • @pupsicle23 yeah, that poster would have creeped me out too.  It's tough - - we've been talking for months, but anyone could be some crazy internet stalker (didn't one of the other BMBs have this happen recently)?  
  • I'm down for FB or private group or whatever the majority is.  No preference here.  We have gone through quite a few laptops- the one we had before our current one was never the same after a great dane we were fostering stepped on it...but I rarely ever use it.  I really only do if I'm working on a photo book or researching something where I need multiple windows open or something like that.
  • +1 to Facebook whenever and the rules that you ladies have shared

    +1 to cats are assholes but I still love them. This morning mine is being extra annoying. 

    +1 to app user only. I have a laptop and it's always dead and collecting dust somewhere. Hardly ever use the thing. 

    And YES PLEASE to directing drivebys to some other la la land purely for our own entertainment. 
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