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Would you rather?

This is just for fun. It can be baby related, but doesnt have to be. Add your answer and a new question!

Would you rather....

Trim baby nails or clean up a blow out (at home)?

Re: Would you rather?

  • Clean up a blow out.
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  • Baby nails...as long as it’s the fingers. If it’s baby toenails, then I’m choosing the blow out! 
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  • Trim nails. I don't even mind a blowout, I just hate pretreating the poop stained clothes!

    Would you rather be up all night with a fussy baby that was happy during the day or stuck all day with a miserable baby that sleeps through the night?
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  • Right now, fussy during the day. That may be just because she has been up a ton lately fussing at night. During the bday, she is happier in a carrier. 
  • fussy during the day! I do not do well with no sleep! Haha

    and trim nails. LO has no issues with it, which makes it easier. 

    I can’t think of anything for would you rather! Haha. 
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