Milestone Monday 3/26 — The Bump
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Milestone Monday 3/26

Good morning. We now have 2 teeth! Had no idea another one was coming and here is it. He's now actually showing more teething symptoms then before (drooling which he never does) so maybe a third is on its way. 
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Re: Milestone Monday 3/26

  • CPR79CPR79 member
    We got, our 3rd tooth last week.  LO now has 3 bottom teeth.  All 4 on the top have looked like they're about to poke through for over a week now, and then a little guy on the bottom came out of nowhere!

    LO also took a couple of crawling 'steps' but hasn't quite figured it out yet.  He is, however, pulling himself up to his knees on anything he can grab on, which turned into another first: our first incident report from daycare that he fell and bumped his head.  He was fine it's just policy to report it.  When I picked him up I couldn't even tell where he had hit it. 

    It's like he turned from a baby into a toddler in a week.  Even without crawling full out, he can now get everywhere and he's become a lot more vocal!
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  • Well...we had our first dose of antibiotics this week! LO started running a fever Tuesday evening. Yesterday he got up to 102.6. Thought I saw some drainage in his ear. Took him to the doctor. Sure enough, double ear infection and a perforated ear drum! Hopefully he starts feeling better soon with the medicine! 
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