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GTKY - Karaoke

What is your go to song for Karaoke? Are you a good singer or a if I'm drunk I can sing type? 
Me 33 DH 41
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Re: GTKY - Karaoke

  • Mine is I'm gonna be (500 miles) by the proclaimers because it's easy and fun to sing to. I'm not a good singer and don't really enjoy karaoke unless it's with a group of friends in a private room and you can all laugh about it 
    Me 33 DH 41
    TTC since 2016
    Due: October 12, 2018
    Location: Ontario, Canada

  • Ooh!! vanessa carlton a thousand miles, or all-star by smash mouth lol. I can't really sing but that doesn't stop me from trying! Anything on the radio I'm busting out and DH keeps his composure up pretty well but we both know I shouldn't quit my day job lol
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  • I love to sing, but I never sing karaoke.

    However, I will happily belt out show tunes in my car on the daily.
  • There is a karaoke bar a few blocks from my apartment that has the entire Buffy musical episode (which is amazing btw...) and I can really belt Walk through the Fire.
  • Last time I did karaoke, I went with Baby Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot lmao

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  • Definitely not singing karaoke, sober or not, but I am with all you car singers. Taking my oldest to see Les Miserables in a couple weeks, so lately it has been a lot of that. If I could just really sing for one day and play Eponine...
  • I love to sing, I am literally always signing. I wonder if that's why DS never shuts up Haha! I have not done karaoke in years though...
  • Love Shack! 

    And I am the "I cannot sing but I will" type.


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  • I don't do karaoke, but I have a lot of fun with rock band. I do ok with the pitch arrow but that is the only thing that saves me.
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  • We don't go anywhere that does karaoke, but I sing all the time. I can sing decently, and while I'll sing anything, strong women types are my favorite. Melissa Ethridge - I'm the Only One is a pretty common go to, or anything Pink. 
  • I have to be pretty drunk.  I sang quite a bit as a kid/high schooler, but have grown more self-conscious!  My go-to is “Shoop” by Salt-n-Pepa.
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  • Last time I did karaoke was when I was like 9, my aunt got me a karaoke machine/radio and it was all about Survivor - Destiny's Child.
  • Don't Stop Me Now - Queen 

    Pretty sure my husband has a video of me singing it last year in Punta Cana... :#
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