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Starting Plaqenil (Hydroxychloroquine) after conception - success stories

I'm currently on my 4th attempt at pregnancy (3 past early MC pre-heartbeat).  I have a positive ANA, but no other antibodies and missing one symptom for Lupus, so doctors have been reluctant to diagnose me.  I'm currently 5 weeks pg with a donor egg.  I was looking into asking my doctor for plaquenil. (My cousin had a child born with congenital heart defect with symptoms similar to lupus, as well.)  I know plaquanil is beneficial if taken prior to conception and throughout pregnancy.  Any success stories with beginning plaquanil AFTER learning you were pregnant?

Re: Starting Plaqenil (Hydroxychloroquine) after conception - success stories

  • Not sure if I can really answer this or not. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have a positive antibody for Lupus. I don't have Lupus. I have been on plaquneil for about a year. My OB made me stop when I found out I was pregnant. My high risk OB put me back on it. I was off from about week 4 to week 9/10. I am currently 16 weeks. Heartbeat has been great so far. I start weekly ultrasounds to monitor heart development next week. I remember my high risk OB saying something about that was when it was best to start it but mine is all in relation to a positive SSA antibody. 

    Good luck!! And congratulations!
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    @lifejourney4. I am sorry you are struggling with chronic illness.  Autoimmune issues are hard.  Many symptoms of lupus & RA are the same, including a positive ANA. No advice on taking it after conception.  However, it is thought to be one of the safer drugs during pregnancy for RA. Luckily, it can help both RA & Lupus.  

    ETA:  I am sorry, I seem to have  lost my marbles and forgot which board I was looking at!
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  • I have RA as well, and I've been on plaquinil for years. My docs (I've got a team!) continued the plaquinil preparing for pregnancy (have been preparing for about 2 years getting off meds that aren't good for preggers and getting on ones that are ok). Also switched to Cimzia which seems to be ok. I was told plaquinil is one of the safest. Good luck!
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