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  • Yayyy @sammierose464! Was waiting for your update - so glad you had a great appointment!!!
  • That’s wonderful @sammierose464 I’m so happy for you!!!
  • @sammierose464 yay!!!

    @krista_jm I’m sorry for your loss!
  • @sammierose464 - That is excellent news!  So happy for you and your partner!
  • @krista_jm I’m so sorry for your loss. You are definitely not alone when it comes to suffering a miscarriage. I hope you find the support group you are looking for. 
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    @ladyofarlington Had mine today too, baby was jumping all around and then settled into a ball. The tech couldn't get the baby to adjust enough to measure the neck... so glad we still had to pay for the test
  • I wish our ultrasound was a little later... we had ours right at 7 weeks (I’m almost 12 now) and don’t have another until 20... I’m jealous of everyone’s 12 ish week ones that actually look like tiny humans ❤️ (But I love them all) 
  • It was so exciting to see my 12-week ultrasound. I was so in awe I didn’t notice something on one picture until after I got home and now it’s all I can think about. To my untrained eye it looks like the baby’s spine is protruding where the tailbone usually is. See the red arrow. I can’t find anything similar on anyone else’s pictures. The ultrasound technician said everything looked normal and had the doctor review and came back again saying everything was normal, but I’m a worrier! Anyone have any experience or seen this before?

  • @rabtaido1214 I think it is fine. The doctor would tell you if something was wrong. I asked about the hole in her head lol, its where the brain grows.. duh. They are still so tiny, everything still needs to grow and shape. 

    DS 12/15/13

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  • rabtaido1214rabtaido1214 member
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    @Laumb11 Thanks for the reassurance! Everything just looks so weird at this stage I guess!
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