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2nd Trimester

Corpus Luteum Cyst- second pregnancy

I had a corpus luteum cyst with first pregnancy that was bigger around 6cm and the dr kept an eye on it and it ended up going away by 3rd trimester I believe. With 2nd pregnancy I do have one the dr said and it’s only 1-2cm so not that big. But now that I am in second trimester (16 weeks) I feel like I am starting to get a little more pain from it since I am getting bigger so I feel like it’s gotten bigger. It’s not bad. I go to the dr on Friday so I will get her to look at it.. but did anyone else have one with both pregnancys? I have a feeling it will be like with first and go away. They say when you get bigger you can start you feel it more. Didn’t know if it’s common to get them with each pregnancy. I had a little boy first pregnancy and now I feel like it’s a girl bc getting wider but who knows. Just want to check on cyst now bc we haven’t been since no problems with it. And also suppose to check gender on Friday also! Getting excited. 

Re: Corpus Luteum Cyst- second pregnancy

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    Cool story bro.

    If you're concerned about the cyst, your doctor can answer any questions you have.

    As for LOs genitals,  I'm 100% positive that there's a 50% chance your baby has female sex organs. Congratulations. Paint the nursery now!
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