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Milestone Monday

7 months today! Ladies and well, ladies, we have a tooth! I had no idea one was coming, he had a few extra wake ups but wasn't extra fussy or drooly. Woke up, he grabbed my hand and shoved it into his mouth (as usual) and I felt a little dagger poking through. 

He also started cruising. He's been pulling to stand for a while, but now walks along the couch/chairs of my house. We're in for some trouble with this one. 

How's everyone doing?
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Re: Milestone Monday

  • He started holding his own bottle! 8 months yesterday. No crawling or pulling up yet. He’s just not interested. The bottle though, that is a game changer! 
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  • CPR79CPR79 member
    My milestone is not a fun one, but we're on the other side of it now at least.  First trip to urgent care for a high fever!  They swabbed him for strep and the flu, both negative, so we were told to just watch it.  My normally happy little guy was so sleepy and clingy and sad it made me so sad.  Then as soon as the fever went away he woke up with a rash all over his chest and head, so another trip to the doctor (at least not urgent care this time) and he has roseola, which sounds scary but really is nothing, just a virus, and once they get the rash they're no longer contagious so he can go back to daycare tomorrow.  I don't know (and hope I never have to find out) how people with really sick kids handle it, it was rough. 

    Other than that we're getting up on our hands and knees but no crawling yet.  He also went from stomach to sitting once, but I didn't see it, grandma did. Also think we're getting top teeth after having bottom 2 since 4.5 months, but they're not poking through yet!
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  • @cpr79 Oh no! I'm glad he's feeling better!
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