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Piedmont ATL vs. St. Marys ATHENS

I'm torn between my doctor in Athens and a new doctor at Atlanta OBGyn. I live in Duluth/Lawrenceville area and my DD is 9/23. Would you all deliver in Athens or at Piedmont Hospital? Keeping in mind distance/traffic/etc.

Re: Piedmont ATL vs. St. Marys ATHENS

  • DD was born at Piedmont in Atlanta, and I had a wonderful experience. would Northside or Gwinnett Medical be options for you? Both probably closer that piedmont or Athens. 

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  • I live in Athens! I would deliver at St. Mary's in a minute. The rooms are huge, you don't have to change rooms after delivery and has the small hospital feel but with plenty of resources. 

    Can I be nosey and ask who your OB is?
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  • Sorry! Just saw this is a super old post. You have probably already made your decision!
  • I agree with you, I'm in Monroe/Bethlehem area and only 10 weeks and I have it decided that I will give birth at St. Marys!
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