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Low Amniotic Fluid

I had a 22 week ultrasound yesterday and was told I need to follow up with a peri natal specialist regarding low amniotic fluid. They didn't give me a number but I emailed them to find out just how low they are talking about. I don't think I have a leak or anything and baby has been growing fine up until now. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this? I thought I was getting enough water every day with my typical 8 to 10 glasses, but apparently I need to try to drink more. 

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  • Do they tell you your AFI when you emailed them?  We dealt with low AFI but it wasn't until closer to the end of my pregnancy.  It was one of the reasons I was induced.  The good thing about AFI is that it varies.  Since you have low levels, drinking more may help as I understand maternal dehydration can be a cause.  As for leaking, you wouldn't necessarily know.  I lost a huge amount of fluid from a late Friday appointment to an early Monday morning appointment, without the slightest hint of leaking.  Good to hear you're seeing a perinatologist.  You'll get more information that way and they may bring you in for more frequent monitoring.  Try to take it easy and drink up!
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  • Hi, just wanted to chime in that I had the same thing happen today at my 20 week ultrasound.  AFI is 8.7 and we are being referred to a high risk specialist.  Really freaked out and can’t stop googling :(.
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