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Sunday Funday

Another round? Do you guys like this one?

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  • This weekend fun highlight:
    Got some crafting in. Made my mom a peg board for her bday present. Crafting helps me destress and enjoy life 738386x more. Too bad it’s so damn expensive.

    Thing I’m looking forward to this week: 
    Some temps in the high 50’s and 60’s so hoping to get a chance to soak up some sunshine. May start prepping the yard for this years garden. 
  • This weekend has been low key. DD and I went to the library where one of friends who made a kids book was at the authors fair, followed by donuts and a loooong nap (I should add we’re both sick so this was especially needed). Today we made waffles and might hit target.

    This week DH comes home!!! I enjoy my alone time occasionally, but my life is so much easier when he’s home.

    @JLaVO888 what are you planting? I used to garden when we were in California, but all the seasons and critters in Virginia make it a bit more complicated.
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  • @meggyme yay for DH comming home. 

    Im not sure yet. It’s a bit early here still but I wanted to do some reading to figure out my new endeavors this year. 

    Last year we had watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash, and tomatoes and herbs that all did fabulous. My beats were a no go and my peas didn’t produce much. 
  • @JLaVO888 jealous of your garden! I like the idea of a garden, but I'd honestly hate the upkeep with one, lol. I do want to plant some herbs in a little planter inside though! What have you planted before? I'd love to have mint on hand.

    @meggyme yay for DH coming home! And yuummm to homemade waffles!

    This weekend we had a friend move in with us. She's in between apartments and just started a new job, so she's going to stay with us for a cheap price while she gets back on her feet.

    Not sure if there's anything particularly exciting coming up this week honestly. A new episode of Superior Donuts comes on tomorrow? I guess that's the highlight of this week lol.
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  • @CecilB93 this summer we had parsley, basil, mint, and rosemary. The fresh parsley was my favorite to have on hand. 

    The upkeep really isn’t bad because I love it. Never feels like work. I’ve just gotten into it the last few years and I’m so addicted now. We spend every evening of the summer in the backyard. 
  • That's awesome! If I were to ever do a garden, it wouldn't be at this house. The yard just doesn't have a good place for it. We're hoping to move out of here in a couple years after doing some fixing up, so who knows! I remember my grandpa liked to garden. He always had tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, carrots, lettuce, pumpkins. His gardens were always pretty intense! Lol
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • Yeah, my house isn’t very conducive to gardening either. The only real sunny areas are in the front yard, and while some of our (hippy) neighbors have gardens in their front yards they don’t look very nice. And we’ll probably be moving in a year or so too, so I don’t have the motivation to do any major re-landscaping.
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  • We visited family this weekend and celebrated H’s dad’s retirement! We were off on Friday due to extreme winds and had a delay today because the power at the school was just restored last night. I’ll take it!

    Not much going on this week - looking forward to hearing back from a job I interviewed for that would be perfect, but not getting my hopes up bc they made it clear they’re interviewing a ton of people.

    Jealous of everyone’s gardens! We don’t really have the yard space for one at our current house, but maybe one day!
  • @CecilB93 I feel you gardening pain. I don't want a garden but I would love to have flowers, my yard however doesn't allow for this. The only flat places get horrible sunlight so nothing would survive there well. 
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  • @JLaVO888 Your garden sounds wonderful! I would love to have a small container garden on my patio, but I have something of a black thumb. I even managed to kill the succulents I got for Christmas. 
  • @TJtheGoat hey welcome! I started researching plants that thrive on neglect. We just got a couple snake plants for inside our house that only need a good watering once a month or so. Then I just have to keep myself from overwatering. That’s usually what kills succulents too.
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  • @TJtheGoat I never thought I could grow a garden because I kill any house plant that comes through my door including cactus. But I never forget to water my garden because we are outside all summer playing and grilling. My dad, grandma, and grandpa are/were huge gardeners so I’m glad that I’m finding it’s in my wheel house. I started off with tomatoes and wag year get more adventurous.
  • This was a portion of it mid summer.
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