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Recommend your stylist

Hi MPLS Gals,

I need a haircut! ?I have a stylist that I like, but he charges $50 for a haircut alone. ?We are tightening our budget, and I'm sure I can get a good haircut for less than $50.

I would love any recommendations you may have.


PS-We live in S. MPLS?

Re: Recommend your stylist

  • I go to Moxie on Lyndale and get my hair cut by Micha, he does a fabulous job. I think a hair cut is like 35, plus tip, but worth ever penny, they even grow out great. I and four of my friends go to him and I have never seen a bad cut in the bunch of us, but I have seen stricking new looks that suit each of us. Micha is great!
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  • Thanks for the recommendation! ?I was actually thinking about checking our Moxie! ?I will ask for Micha...


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  • I see Alicia at The Chair on 36th and Bryant, and she is awesome! ?Last fall I asked her for an exact replica of the Victoria Beckham bob, and got it, to a T. ?Technically, its a difficult cut, but she's a pretty talented stylist so she did really well. ?She's also done several different shorter versions of it on me. ?The thing about Alicia is, she cuts my hair and I look hot. ?In like a half hour. ?My DH goes to her too and also loves her, she's done pompadours and stuff for him before (including rescuing him from mohawk hell). She charges like $28 a cut I believe.
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