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Feeling discouraged

Feeling discoraged and hoping for some positive insight. I had a mmc in 2011 and have since had three beautiful children. My youngest is 16 months and just weaned. While I was wrapping my brain around closing the baby chapter of my life, got a BFP! I think my LMP was around January 12/13ish. But do know probable conception to be January 29/30. Based on LMP I’d be about 6 weeks. Got a BFP on February 11. Friday I experienced some very light spotting throughout the day and had a scheduled dating ultrasound that afternoon. I’ll include a photo but the tech didn’t say much other than “it’s really tiny in there” requesting I come back in a week for a follow up to “see if there’s any growth”. Since it was a Friday afternoon the actual report from dr won’t be available until Monday. In the meantime I had some blood drawn for a quant hcg yesterday and will do another tomorrow. Could dates be off? I had a BFP two weeks ago, about 2 weeks after o think we could have conceived. Would my spotting be implantation? I hate this waiting! 
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Re: Feeling discouraged

  • If you had a BFP before the spotting, then no, the spotting wouldn't be implantation bleeding as IB is bleeding that occurs during implantation, and to get a BFP, implantation must have already occurred. With that said, some spotting during the first tri can be very normal- anything from a sub-chorionic hemorrhage to cervical irritation to blood vessel irritation. The most important information will be derived from the two hcg tests and your follow up ultrasound. Good luck!
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  • Sorry you're having such a stressful time! Waiting for news like that is so hard. The good news is that your dates could certainly be wrong, and some spotting in early pregnancy can be normal. Also, IMO that tech was kind of unprofessional. They aren't supposed to make comments like that. Trust me, I've asked things like "does he look okay? Does anything look wrong?" and they are supposed to tell you they can't give you that information. Because it's not their job. So as hard as it is, try not to worry. I hope Monday comes quickly and you get good news! 
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  • Not sure why this didn’t post originally. 
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  • I assumed I was much farther a long based on when I got my BFP and I was wrong. Baby is way behind LMP but has grown appropriately from one ultrasound to the next. I spot like crazy. It’s all stressful and it sucks. Just take a deep breath and try to relax until you know for sure that there’s something to worry about

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  • Same thing happened to me as @krzyriver. I was 2 weeks and 3 days earlier than I thought based on my lmp but my dr said everytging looked fine. I have to wait until the 9th to go back for another scan and I'm just taking it one day at a time. The waiting part does suck!

     I also agree about the tech being unprofessional! FX for you for Monday!!
  • FX for you! I also had some spotting, which never happened when I was pregnant with my first, so that was nerve wracking but I’m trusting everyone who says that’s normal and hoping everything’s alright! Hoping for you too!
  • Nothing new to add from above but I've been there x4 mmc and totally understand the agony of the wait. With my one son, I had subchondric hemmorhage at 6 weeks.  Hes completely healthy and fine :) . Fingers crossed and positive thoughts going your way. 
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