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  • Nauseous, vomiting every once in a while, tired.
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  • 8w5d - the exhaustion seems to be easing a bit, but the crankiness is real. Still picky about food and don’t want a lot of it. 
  • Absolutely miserable. I want to hibernate until 16 weeks. 
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  • My stomach feels like there's a rock in it 24/7. Pooping is so hard. least it's week 9 today? 
  • Sooo emotional.  I started taking b6/unisom for the overwhelming nausea, but it's making me want to sleep all the time, so i get to choose between 24/7 nausea and 24/7 sleeping.  I'm pretty sure my job will not be ok with the sleeping.....
  • 7w3d. My symptoms come and go. How I feel also seems to depend on how much sleep I get. I felt pretty good Fri-Sun, but today there's nausea again (and throwing up...). 

    Yesterday I had absolutely no motivation to do ANYTHING. I took two naps and just laid on my couch all day watching TV. I had a to-do list a mile long, but no desire to do any of it.
  • @sammierose464 - Ditto on the lack of motivation. I did nothing but sleep and watch TV most of the weekend...for the rare exception of making it to the grocery store yesterday and cooking soup, which is apparently the only thing that sounds appealing these days. Best of luck to you! 
  • TW

    My hip hurts. My first pregnancy was ectopic and it hurt like this. Waiting for the nurse to call me back about when I can get in for an u/s today. Hoping like hell that this is just my body being annoyed with me for sleeping in a ridiculous position curled around my toddler. Trying not to freak out and mostly failing.
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  • @DunkinDecaf. Oh no!!! FX everything is ok!
  • Exhausted, so so exhausted, and I can't sleep well and get so over heated.  Nausea still comes and goes.  My sore nipples have turned into sore breasts.   
  • @DunkinDecaf FX all is well for you! 

    I'm at 5 weeks now. Bloat-city, and sore nipples. No nausea yet but some mild heartburn and nothing food-wise sounds good. 
  • @DunkinDecaf - Keeping you in my thoughts.  
  • @DunkinDecaf I hope everything goes well for you today!!

    AFM: 6w today. The nausea hit this morning when I opened the refrigerator...yuck! Other than that, it’s the same as last week...tired, hungry, and thirsty. I hope the MS stays at just the nausea, I think I can manage that. My symptoms also seem to come and go throughout the day, but just as I begin thinking I am feeling pretty good, something else kicks in.

    I hope you all have a great week!
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  • @DunkinDecaf Thinking of you today!

    I’m only 5 weeks along. I have crazy amounts of heartburn and I am never hungry. If I eat a normal sized meal I end up feeling sick of the rest of the day.
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    Fx for you today @DunkinDecaf! Hope everything is okay!

    Hit 7 weeks today and still no major symptoms. Nipples sore on and off, but only for moments at a time, and only mild food aversion. Workout stamina is lower.
    U/S is on Thursday, thank goodness, because I could really use some other form of reassurance (fx.)
  • @DunkinDecaf FX for you!!

    Symptoms have been easily manageable. Boobs are more sore and angry nipples. Found if I don't eat every 2-3 hours I get nauseated so I need to remind myself to eat something. 

  • I’ll be 6 weeks tomorrow and so far I just have sore boobs, congestion and constipation. I’m constantly hungry, but not craving anything, but I swear everything I eat tastes like it’s the best food I’ve ever eaten. Even if it’s jist a scrambled egg- it’s the best egg ever haha 
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    FX for you @DunkinDecaf

    7w1d today. MS is still awful. I was putting my littles to bed last night and started vomiting out of nowhere. I shoved my son (8) out of the bathroom. Apples came out my nose. He was amused yet horrified at the same time.  

    Also RLP anyone?  I have this pulling/burning pain off and on anywhere between my c-section scar down through my right hip flexor. 
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    Today I'm either 5 weeks or 5 weeks and 3 days. I'm much more sick than I've been this past week, been really gassy this past weekend and bloated and I had major insomnia last night. Not to mention when I took off my bra after being at the gym this morning it felt like I had freed them from a metal vice. Sorry for the TMI but I'm way grateful to feel like crap. 
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  • @DunkinDecaf thinking of you! 

    I'm 7+4 and my nausea just hit. I'm also dizzy. Sometimes when I move or get up I feel a sharp pain like a stretch pain. 
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  • 7w4d, soooooo tired, bloated, boobs a little sore, no motivation. Nausea finally hit me last week, but it's really not that bad yet and comes and goes pretty quickly. My first appointment is FINALLY on Thursday, so I wish I could just sleep until then so it will come faster (and because I could sleep for 3 days).
  • @DunkinDecaf thinking of you today!

    7w4d today. Just getting over the flu and feeling blah. Nothing sounds good except homemade soup which I have no energy to make. MS is still terrible and insomnia has hit hard. I tossed and turned all night last night and can barely stay awake at my desk  :(
  • @DunkinDecaf that’s wonderful!  I’m so happy for you.  
  • 7 weeks today! I'm almost always nauseous, but I am already getting used to it. I'm not throwing up yet and it would be really awesome if that never happened, but it didn't start until 8-9 weeks with DD and this pregnancy seems to be following the same symptoms timeline so I doubt I will be so lucky. I hate the smell of the fridge and pantry, so that's super fun. I am super picky about food. I hate pretty much all food. Last night I really wanted pizza, so I ordered some and ate it and now the thought of eating pizza ever again makes me sick. I am getting really hot while I sleep so I've been waking up a lot at night drenched in sweat. With DD I was sick until 17 weeks so I'm currently wondering how I am supposed to do 10 more weeks of this.
  • @DunkinDecaf FX for you!! 

    Im around 7 weeks maybe a little earlier and oh my the nausea started up. Nothing sounds good to eat and I want nothing to drink. I just want to lay in bed all day every day. Getting up for work was tough today. Eating crackers and drinking ginger ale while teaching third graders...
  • @DunkinDecaf - So glad all is well. 
  • @DunkinDecaf glad to hear all is well!

    I'm exhausted and have no appetite. Headaches are coming and going yesterday and today so I'm starting to thats fun. Also im not nauseas but I feel like gagging all the time. It's just this feeling in my throat like I'm gonna be sick but my stomach feels fine other than some mild cramping. 
  • @DunkinDecaf glad all is well!

    @kiwi2628 I want to skip the next 4 weeks too. I keep saying, can it be April already?

    AFM still nauseous all day, but i haven’t thrown up since Wednesday so that’s good. Food aversions like crazy. Exhausted. And I’m a royal B, I’m so grumpy and i have no patience. 
  • @hannaht8516 - Same and same. I just want to sleep until the appointment on Thursday!! What time is yours at? Mine isn't until 1:30pm CST. 

    @DunkinDecaf - So glad to hear the good news! Phew!

    AFM - 7w4d, I'm so so tired, but I'm still not sleeping well at night. The nausea seems mostly gone at the moment. My boobs hurt. And I'm crabby. 
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  • Well never mind. After 4 days vomit free, I’ve made up for it.

    TMI Warning****

    Am I the only one who pees everytime they vomit? 
  • @hannaht8516 @pebbledam count me in for the sleeping until Thurs appointments. That would be amazing
  • I had a pretty good day overall, which was nice. I actually went shopping on my lunch hour and then hubby and I went walking after work. It felt good to actually get moving. Although then I was ready for bed by 6:30...
  • @cdepperschmidt - I'm ashamed to say I had the incontinence problem even before pregnant... And now it's gotten worse.  :#
    Me: 29 | DH: 29
    Married 12/2016
    DSS born 01/2016
    TTC since 01/2017
    Letrozole + TI = BFP 01/30/2018 | EDD 10/11/2018
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  • 5 weeks today. Started throwing up yesterday. Boobs hurt more now and I’m so tired that I just want to sit on the couch all day. I had so many things to do today and accomplished nothing. 
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  • @pebbledam I’m starting to worry. It was just a little bit, but today it was a puddle and I had just peed. I’m concerned it will happen at work.
  • I’m 9 weeks today and feeling pretty good. I still have bouts of nausea, mostly in the evening, and have some food adversions. Otherwise I am feeling pretty lucky. 
  • @pebbledam Mine is at 10 am MST. Can’t wait!! I’ll watch for your update! 
  • @cdepperschmidt - start wearing pads. Seriously. You’ll be a lot more comfortable than wondering if you stink all day or if people can see a damp spot on your slacks. (Sorry to be blunt.)
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