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Weekly pix

hi everyone! I’m Limor and just re-downloaded the app for my second pregnancy. I have a 3 year old daughter and I am due September 14th with my second child. I wanted to take the weekly bump pix but it shows my the ones I took when I was pregnant 3 yeas ago. Is there a way to start a new one for this pregnancy or do I have to delete the old ones? Any help is appreciated ❤️

Re: Weekly pix

  • Idk If im any help because mine does that too but I’ve been just captioning the new ones as “baby 2” so I can keep both pregnancies in the same spot plus I can see a difference in how I carry this pregnancy vs how I was with my sons 
  • Thanks I will probably just do the same lol can’t find another option and I don’t want to delete the old ones
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